Seifenmühle, Soapflaker, Seifenraspel are the names of the new sustainability champions

What is behind the nine sustainability champions of the soap mill?

Soap grinder, soap grater, soap flaker

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Soap mills are considered the new sustainability champions. They are not all that new: because the soap mill is historical equipment that has been used in the soap industry since the 19th century. The system impresses above all with its efficiency and sustainability. The smaller version is easy to use and, as a handheld machine, is used to grind solid soap bars in your own home. Here you will get an overview of the concept of a soap mill and find the most beautiful products for it Zero waste bathrooms.

What is a soap grinder?

The soap mill has the visual and practical similarity of a pepper mill - both reduce hard consistencies. Turning the grinder either grates a large piece of soap or grinds up small pieces of soap. Practically a kind of portioning aid for easy use. There are two types of soap mills that are currently in vogue: soap graters and soap flakers.

The difference between soap shavings and soap flaker

Soap Grater: The soap grater is used to recycle used leftover soap residue. By grinding soap residue, rasps are produced, which are used for body cleansing. So nothing stands in the way of using up annoying soap residue. There are now soap shavings with fresh designs that come with the soap and represent a sustainable alternative.

Soapflaker: Basically, soap flakers have the same principle as a liquid soap dispenser. However, the Soap Flaker works with a larger solid piece of soap, which is in a container that resembles a spice mill. Turning the mill creates fine soap flakes. As a result, solid soap is used hygienically, cleanly and sparingly.

For whom is the soap grinder suitable?

Consumers use soap grinders in everyday life, whether washing their hands or in the household. They are also suitable for use when traveling or on camping trips. The slim packaging saves space and is also lighter in weight than liquid soap or detergent. In addition, the use of solid soap is known to save water pollution and plastic waste.

Soap grinder, soap flaker, soap grater - here are the top 5 products

1. Mylly by Meerkorn
2. Soapflaker
3. Zapor
4.Savon de Marseille

1. Mylly soap grinder from Meerkorn

With its Mylly soap mill, the German start-up Meerkorn offers a refillable system for solid soaps. With its slim packaging, the soap dispenser is particularly suitable for traveling and outdoor trips, but also for the bathroom at home. The sustainable soap mill consists exclusively of disused fishing nets and ropes, which are otherwise responsible for marine pollution. The Meerkorn brand collects the discarded fishing nets from fishing companies, non-profit organizations and ports and processes them into Mylly soap mills.

Soap grinder Mylly Meerkorn

Source & Copyright by Meerkorn

Brand origin: Germany
Key Facts: Upcycling of plastic, biodegradable soap, ideal for on the go
Where to Buy: Meerkorn online shop

2. Soapflaker

Soapflaker is a soap dispenser equipped with a solid hand soap. The rotation allows the soap to be dosed cleanly and used hygienically. The grinder is refillable and the soaps are available in different scents. The soap flaker is particularly productive and economical to use. The use of resources is also transparent with this brand. The soapflaker is made from recycled materials and is therefore 100% pure and recyclable.


Source & Copyright by Soap Flaker

Brand origin: Germany
Key Facts: Recycling concept, organic vegetable oils, refillable
Where to Buy: Online shop Soapflaker

3. Sapor Herba soap grinder

The "Herba" dry soap dispenser from Sapor is made from recycled plastic (PCR) and grass fibres. The soap mill doses solid organic soap into fine soap flakes. This grinder can also be used for various soaps, such as solid soaps, hair soaps or dish soaps. So you save water and packaging waste compared to liquid soaps. With another model "Grunella", the Sapor soap grinder is also available for industrial use. A climate-neutral product with full availability of spare parts and repair options. The dispenser is also manufactured as part of a social project.

Sapor soap grinder Herba

Source & Copyright by Herba

Brand origin: Germany
Key Facts: Climate neutral, Made in Germany, fair & social
Where to Buy: Online shop Sapor

4. Savon de Marseille with classic steel wire

Those who like it very classic will get their money's worth at Savon de Marseille. What makes Savon de Marseille special is the packaging. The large bar of soap is placed in a wooden box fitted with a traditional steel wire. With the steel wire, soap bars of any size can be cut off and used. Savon de Marseille soap contains 72% pure olive and coconut oil, making it natural and fully biodegradable. The soap is not only sustainable, but also shows a friendly skin compatibility for sensitive skin.

Savon de Marseille hand rasp

Source & Copyright Savon de Marseille

Brand origin: France
Key Facts: skin-friendly, fully biodegradable, traditional
Where to Buy: Online shop at Magasino

5. Misuki Soap Grater

The product from Misuki looks a lot like a cheese grater and works just like that: The "Bubble buddy" consists of a practical soap dish with an integrated grater. This soap grater is made from 100% recycled plastic and is also very easy to use. The soap bar is simply rubbed, resulting in fine soap flakes that can then be used for various applications. Turning the grater also creates a drip tray for the solid soap.

Soap Grater Mizuki

Source & Copyright Mizuki

Brand origin: Netherlands
Key Facts: Recycled plastic 2-in-1 application reduces plastic waste
Where to Buy: Online shop Misuki

Seifenmühle, Soapflaker and Co reduce plastic waste

The use of conventional liquid soap constantly creates mountains of plastic waste. Thus, soap grinders are a good alternative, not only when traveling, but also for the home. An optimal investment for users of solid soap, because soap residue can be finely grated and reused, for example, as a detergent or cleaning agent.

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