Sustainable coffee cups to go: These cups keep your hot drink warm for a long time and are leak-proof

Hot, hotter, hottest: Sustainable coffee cups to go are not only a stylish accessory, but the perfect companion to enjoy your daily dose of caffeine all day long

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Considering that In Germany, 320.000 disposable cups are sold every hour, The ecological balance of coffee to go does not look good at all. According to this calculation, 2,8 billion paper cups used, all of which end up in the trash. After Reusable drinking bottles have already established themselves, the sustainable coffee cup to go is now here to stay. We are now presenting the most beautiful and sustainable coffee cups to go.

This is what makes sustainable coffee cups to go:

  1. Made from environmentally friendly materials
  2. Environmental impact decreases with each use
  3. Fewer Environmental pollution (not a disposable product)
  4. BPA and chemical-free
  5. Easy to clean
  6. Free of plastic
  7. Individual parts can be replaced if damaged
  8. Some manufacturers offer a 2-year warranty

This is why you should choose sustainable coffee to go cups:

  • Less waste: Disposable cups produce waste that is not recycled. According to the German environmental aid Around 40.000 tons of disposable cups end up in the trash every year. If you use a sustainable cup, you reduce your own waste and significantly lower your ecological footprint.
  • Cheaper coffee: Many bakeries and cafés now offer a small discount if you bring your own sustainable coffee cup to go. So you're not only doing something good for the environment, but also for your wallet.
  • Versatile: You don't just have to use your cup for hot drinks. A sustainable coffee cup to go can also be filled with cold lemonade, matcha latte or water. Especially if it's a model with a thermal function, this doesn't just mean that your drink stays hot. In summer, your drink stays warm too.
  • Easy to clean: Usually, coffee cups to go are very easy to clean. Simply put them in the dishwasher or rinse them with hot water and you can enjoy your daily companion for longer.
  • Leak-proof: While a paper cup quickly spills, you have the problem of Coffee There is no risk of spilling with a sustainable to-go cup. The robust material and the usually solid lid greatly reduce the risk of stains.
  • Coffee stays warm longer: In contrast to normal paper coffee cups, sustainable alternatives usually keep the coffee warm for hours. Most environmentally friendly reusable cups have a thermal effect that ensures that the temperature of the drink remains the same over a long period of time.

The 8 best sustainable coffee cups to go:

There are many sustainable coffee cups to go that keep your cappuccino warm for a long time. These models not only look good, they are also practical and, above all, good for the environment:

  1. FLSK
  2. Klean Kanteen
  3. KeepCup
  4. Black+Flower
  5. Stoyo
  6. Circular & Co.
  7. 24 bottles
  8. Hydroflask


The Munich-based company transforms everyday objects such as coffee mugs into sustainable products. Your new sustainable coffee mug to go from FLSK is made from type 304 stainless steel and is absolutely leak-proof thanks to its so-called "flip lid". Plus point: When purchasing, the customer receives a lifetime guarantee.

capacity: 350 or 500 ml
Price: 39,75 or 47,95 euros depending on size
Stays hot for a long time: up to 3 hours
Where to buy:,

FLSK sustainable coffee cup to go

Source & Copyright by FLSK

2. Small Kanteen

The name of the brand says it all: Klean Kanteen means clean bottle. Accordingly, the "Rise Mug" model is produced in an environmentally friendly way and is made of 90% recycled stainless steel. The handle is particularly practical, making it easier to carry and drink from.

capacity: 355ml
Price: about 40 Euro
Stays hot for a long time: 4h
Where to buy:,

sustainable coffee cup to go Klean Kanteen

Source & Copyright by Klean Kanteen

3. KeepCup

This sustainable coffee mug to go is a model made of glass. It stands out thanks to its colorful lid, which is available in 14 different colors. Unfortunately, this mug is not dishwasher safe. However, its size is adapted to that of standard cup holders in cars, for example.

capacity: 177 ml, 227 ml, 340 ml or 454 ml
Price: up to approx. 33 euros
Stays hot for a long time: not a thermal mug, so it doesn't keep your coffee warm
Where to buy:,

Sustainable coffee cup to go from KeepCup

Source & Copyright by KeepCup

4. Black+Blum

The London-based company specializes in products that help reduce food waste. The range also includes a sustainable coffee mug to go. This is available in the colors: olive, ocean, orange and slate. The locking mechanism on the lid guarantees that there will be no coffee spilling in your handbag.

capacity: 340ml
Price: about 30 Euro
Stays hot for a long time: at least 2 hours
Where to buy:

sustainable coffee cup to go Black+Blum

Source & Copyright by Black+Blum

5. Stojo

Coffee to go was taken particularly seriously in the design process of this coffee cup. Because the cup is made of silicone, it can be easily folded in and out. The model is available in different colors and 3 different sizes. The perfect companion for all spontaneous coffee dates.

capacity: 355ml, 473ml or 710ml
Price: between about 15 and 24 euros
Stays hot for a long time: not a thermal mug, so it doesn't keep your coffee warm
Where to buy:,

Stojo sustainable coffee cup to go

Source & Copyright by cottonbro via Pexels

6. Circular&Co.

This cup can do a lot: designed to last 10 years, 100% recyclable and made from environmentally friendly material. Circular & Co. only offers a small range of products, but everything they do is well thought out. The company has even introduced a system in England similar to RECUP in Germany.

capacity: 237ml, 355ml or 473ml
Price: between about 15 and 23 euros
Stays hot for a long time: up to 6 hours
Where to buy:

sustainable coffee cup to go Circular&Co

Source & Copyright by Circular&Co.

7. 24 Bottles

If you like something eye-catching, this sustainable coffee mug to go is just the thing for you. Whether it's a cloud pattern, a watercolor flower print or a marble look - everyone will find what they're looking for here. But it's not just the look that's impressive, the stainless steel mug comes with a lifetime guarantee and is of course leak-proof.

capacity: 350ml or 600ml
Price: between 29 and 37 Euro
Stays hot for a long time: up to 6 hours
Where to buy:

Sustainable coffee cup to go with cloud patternSource & Copyright by 24Bottles

9. Hydro Flask

The brand, which is very hyped in America, has also been available in Germany for some time. The company specializes in practical and sustainable bottles, lunch boxes and coffee cups. The handle makes the cup easy to carry and drinks can be drunk in a relaxed manner. The soft-touch finish makes the surface feel pleasant in the hand.

capacity: 170ml, 355ml or 709ml
Price: about 32 Euro
Stays hot for a long time: up to 6 hours
Where to buy:

sustainable coffee cup to go Hydroflask

Source & Copyright by Paulina Herpel via unspalsh


How does a thermos cup work?
In contrast to regular cups, thermos cups have double walls with insulation, usually made of stainless steel or glass. There is a vacuum between them, which ensures that heat conduction takes place more slowly. This delays the temperature of your drink adapting to its surroundings.

How sustainable are paper cups?
Disposable cups made of cardboard or plastic are not sustainable at all. Because around 2,8 billion paper cups are sold in Germany every year and end up in the trash. A lot of paper is used for production. In addition, Annual production is approximately 48.000 tonnes of CO2.

What is the best way to clean your coffee-to-go cup?
The most sustainable coffee cup to go is the one you already have. However, if you need a new one, we will now explain how to clean it so that you can enjoy it for as long as possible. You can clean the coffee cup to go easily and gently by washing it with detergent and hot water. Baking soda can be used for an extremely thorough cleaning. If your sustainable coffee cup is dishwasher safe, you can also put it in the dishwasher.


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