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Stop climate change? A big task! These 10 sustainable influencers are making their contribution to a better world and inspiring more environmental awareness

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There are almost as many influencers as there are grains of sand on the beach. Fashion in particular is always the focus of internet stars. Brand new clothes, the hottest collections and super-chic trendy items are increasingly the focus of attention on social networks. But the fashion industry in particular is one of the reasons why we are currently in the midst of the climate crisis. While classic influencers mostly make money with content, sustainable influencers are now gaining more and more influence on Instagram and TikTok.

Away from big brand deals, fast fashion hauls and the marketing of overconsumption Sustainable influencers are now increasingly stepping into the spotlight on social media. So-called Sinnfluencers have made it their mission not only to make our feed greener, but also to motivate us to live a more mindful and environmentally conscious life. We have identified the international top ten sustainable influencers and explain why you should follow them.

Sustainable influencers? What is that all about?

Commerce and sustainability are actually contradictory. However, sustainable influencers are usually not primarily interested in making money with their posts. Instead, they want to draw attention to a problem that is close to their hearts. In their posts, they formulate solutions, show their everyday lives as Activists and inspire followers to join them. Slow fashion, zero waste and climate activism are very popular here.

What topics do sustainable influencers talk about:

  • Sustainable men's clothing
  • Climate Change & Environmental Protection
  • zero waste
  • Animal welfare
  • veganism
  • Body positivity
  • attentiveness

We present sustainable influencers who mostly deal with the topics of sustainable fashion, climate change and environmental protection.

10 international sustainable influencers that everyone should know:

    1. Luisa Neubauer
    2. Marie Nasemann
    3. Madeleine Darya Alizade
    4. Louisa Schneider
    5. Anna Rani Specht
    6. Eckart von Hirschhausen
    7. Isaiah Hernandez
    8. Cristina Mittermeier
    9. Aditi Mayer
    10. Brett Staniland

1. Luisa Neubauer, @luisaneubauer

With 500.000 followers on Instagram, she is probably one of Germany's biggest sustainability influencers. However, her activism is not limited to social media. She is also the author of the book "The End of the Climate Crisis - A History of Our Future". Neubauer is often referred to as the German Greta Thunberg because she is the main organizer of the "Fridays For Future" school strikes in the country.

2. Marie Nasemann, @fairknallt

From top model to top sustainability influencer. Although the German once took part in the casting show Germany's Next Top Model, she is now better known for marketing fair fashion. She is also a spokesperson for the climate protection organization "Conversation International". With the help of the Organization “Fashion Revolution” she has the Platform “Fairknallt” There she provides information about fast fashion and inspires people to use our clothes sustainably.

3. Madeleine Darya Alizadeh, @dariadaria

Madeleine Darya Alizadeh began sharing her journey to slow fashion on social media in 2013 on her blog “dariadaria”. Not only does she have thousands of Instagram followers, but she also has her own sustainable Fashion brand “dariadéh”. Every day she advocates for a conscious life, human rights and an environmentally conscious everyday life, for example through a zero-waste lifestyle.

4. Louisa Schneider,

In her 30-second videos on TikTok, she primarily shows the problems of the climate crisis and explains what consequences it can have on us humans. Together with Greenpeace, she visited the places on earth that are already most affected by global warming for her show "Grad° Jetzt". Her contributions are shocking and at the same time aim to show that things cannot continue like this. You can see that the journalist is passionate about stopping climate change.

What can we do?! 🤯⬇️ Climate impact researcher Stefan Rahmstorf stresses that this news is extremely worrying and that we urgently need to do everything we can to ensure that the 1,5°C limit is adhered to. The effects would be dramatic. This means: Let's get involved! Let's speak up! Inform each other and come together - we must finally get out of fossil fuels! 🗯➡️Come to Louisa & Markus' shows and find out more about what's happening and what we can do!☺️🤯💡🙏🏻 (Link in bio!) About the study: The data basis for the study "Physics-based early warning signal shows that AMOC is on tipping course" was the salinity of the Atlantic Ocean and a simulation of the changes over a period of 2000 years using computer models. #Amoc #AtlanticCirculation #tippingpoint #Greenland #rightnow

♬ Paris-Else

5. Anna Rani Specht, @annaranispecht

With around 13.000 followers, she is one of the smaller creators on TikTok. But her content is all the more valuable. She is an advocate for sustainable fashion, slow consumption and helps her followers to actively make their wardrobes more sustainable. At the same time, she is the founder of Bag brand “Rabél”Their environmentally friendly handbags are made from cactus leather and thus save a lot of water that is wasted during normal leather processing.

6. Eckart von Hirschhausen,

“Healthy people only exist on a healthy earth,” says the founder of Foundation “Healthy Earth – Healthy People”On the Instagram account of the same name, Hirschhausen provides information about current climate news, explains why we can only survive on a clean planet, and spreads positivity that inspires with the "Good News" series. It's worth checking out, as everything is based on facts and is therefore well prepared.

7. Isaias Hernandez, @queerbrownvegan

His journey to becoming a sustainable TikToker and environmental activist began when he studied environmental sciences at Berkeley University. However, things only really took off for him in 2019, because that was the year he launched his account @queerbrownveganHe specializes in making information about the climate crisis and environmental protection publicly available. For example, he explains what the energy crisis, heat waves and sustainable banks are all about. Although he is still young, you can still learn a lot from him.

8. Cristina Mittermaier, @mitty

The Mexican wants to wake people up with impressive images. And that seems to be working well, after all, 1,6 million people follow her on Instagram. The marine biologist and photographer is particularly committed to the oceans of our world and also addresses them in her works. The founder of the Environmental organization “SeaLegacy”And the “International League of Conservation Photography” with which she supports photo expeditions and supplies environmental groups with photo material.

9. Aditi Mayer, @aditimayer

Articles from Vogue are pinned to her profile. She recently collaborated with Galeries Lafayette Paris. It all sounds like the usual fashion influencer thing, but appearances are deceptive. Aditi Mayer may specialize in fashion, but sustainability is her heart's desire. The main thing the above-mentioned posts have in common is that she is committed to a fair and sustainable fashion industry. She describes herself as a "storyteller who interweaves culture, craftsmanship and art."

10. Brett Staniland, @twinbrett

The British fashion influencer is known for one thing above all: deinfluencing. Ultra fast fashion brands like Shein and Temu in particular are under fire from him. In his short TikTok videos, he explains the influence cheap fashion has on our ecosystem and why we should stay away from it. Anyone who wants to get a comprehensive overview of the exploitation of the fashion industry should definitely follow Staniland.

@twinbrett New Temu documentary on Channel 4 Dispatches covering the many allegations and issues with the Temu App. Thoroughly recommend if you've bought anything on there before or plan on doing so. This always tanks when I talk about Temu on Tiktok so lets what happens with this. #temu #shein #twinboard #sustainability #safety #temuapp ♬ original sound - Brett Staniland


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