Fashion not Freezing: Top Brands for Vegan Winter Boots

A must-have for this winter season: vegan winter boots. Here are the best brands for fashionable vegan boots

vegan winter boots
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From shoes to bags to cosmetic products - we see everywhere "Vegan"Labels. While the focus was initially on vegan nutrition, the focus is now more on vegan fashion. In winter, vegan winter boots are a must-have.

There are more and more vegan fashion labelswho rely on animal protection materials. These include innovative synthetic, recycled, but also many natural materials. We show the best brands for vegan winter boots.

Top 5 brands for vegan winter boots


leather-free black boots

BHAVA was founded by Francisca Pineda, who goes to the Fashion Institute of Technology. The label stands for organic shoes made from REACH-certified vegan leather. This does not contain any chemically scented substances such as formaldehyde, PVC, phthalates or chromium. Where to buy: BHAVA website, Online retail like Moo Shoes or treen

2. Will's Vegan Store

black ankle boots

The UK brand uses cereal crops to create its vegan leather and suede, which are Ecolabel certified and soles are made from recycled natural rubber. Their supply chain is carbon neutral and all packages are shipped completely plastic-free. Where to buy: Will's Vegan Store Website, Online retail like avesu.

3. nae Vegan Shoes

boots high in the cornfield

nae which stands for No Animal Exploitation creates animal-friendly alternative against human exploitation and environmental protection. The brand uses materials such as Piñatex which is made of pineapple leaf fibres, and cork. Where to buy: Nae Vegan Shoes Website, Online retail like Vegan style 

4. Good Guys Don't Wear Leather

vegan golden cowboy boots

The brand is founded by French shoe designer and 100% vegan based in France. They added vegan leather made from apple skin to their collections. The new material uses the skin and core waste of apples recovered from the food industry. Where to buy: Good guys don't wear leather Website, Specialty retailers in Europe, USA & Canada, online retailers like Immaculate Vegan.

5. Mireia Playa

vegan boots

This Spanish vegan brand works with factories in Alicante to keep their production close and ensure transparency. The brand keeps up with the latest developments in recycled and sustainable materials and has incorporated corn-based material and vegetable-based soles. Where to buy: Miria Play Website, Online retailers like The Green Label.

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Why conventional leather is not sustainable

The market for conventional leather is growing. It is projected to reach $ 2025 billion by 630. But it is estimated that 430 million cows will be slaughtered for this. Most of the leather comes from developing countries like China or India. The problem: In these countries animal welfare laws are often either non-existent or not enforced.

In addition, the chemicals used to tan leather pollute the environment and thus endanger the lives of animals and people. For example, in India tanneries release 50 million liters of highly toxic water every day. The result: the water ends up on local farmland and destroys agriculture. Whereas vegan leather requires less chemicals, it is much easier to colour and tone, and it would not require going through the tanneries process.

Is synthetic leather truly the better choice?

The use of animal-protecting, but synthetic materials comes with its own problems. Synthetic leather alternatives are often plastic-based materials and are therefore non-biodegradable. On top of that, these are often made using PVC. And PVC is known to be hazardous to health during the manufacturing process and disposal. That's why we have selected brands for vegan winter boots, that rely on innovative and really sustainable alternatives.

Conclusion - Green innovation on the advance

Although artificial leather is always preferable over conventional leather, it varies in its environmental-friendliness. Leather based on natural materials is always preferable to its synthetic alternatives. With our buying power, we have the power to create a textile industry, which is less depend on livestock and benefits animals, humans and the environment.

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