Green hair care: Best vegan shampoos and conditioners

Here are the best brands for vegan shampoos and conditioners without animal testing - 100% cruelty-free!

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Finding vegan shampoos and conditioners is still not an easy task. But you can find more and more brand in the shelf already. Here are the best brands for vegan shampoos and conditioners that differ from the conventional competition.

A vegan lifestyle is becoming more and more popular. Abstaining from animal foods such as milk, eggs, meat, fish and honey requires an adapted care routine though. Because not all shampoos, creams, perfumes and makeup products are vegan.

Caution: Vegan shampoos and conditioners are not always organic and cruelty-free

Vegan: Numerous cosmetic companies still use animal ingredients such as carmine, beeswax or animal proteins for the manufacture of beauty products. Vegan products replace all such substances with vegetable or synthetic alternatives.

Bio: Vegan doesn't always mean natural. Vegan products can therefore contain synthetic materials or microplastics. Vegan natural cosmetics are usually also marked with a seal from Natrue or BDIH.

Not tested on animals: Vegan cosmetics are not always characterized by not being tested on animals. However, certain labels indicate that experiments with and on animals are not carried out during production or in the laboratory. These are therefore "cruelty-free". Attention, animal experiments are also required for sales in some countries.

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How to recognise vegan shampoos and conditioners?

for vegan shampoos and conditioners do not contain any animal ingredients such as milk, animal dyes or beeswax. They also do without animal testing in research and development. The following labels help consumers to find vegan and cruelty-free products:

  • the vegan flower from the Vegan Society
  • the Leaping Bunny logo
  • the PETA bunny
  • the V-Label from ProVeg Germany

PETA also regularly updates a list on its website that lists for vegan shampoos and conditioners as well as other products.

Best brands for vegan shampoos and conditioners

Here's a list of our top 6 cosmetic brands that offer high-quality vegan shampoos and conditioners without animal testing - 100% cruelty-free and with style factor.

  1. Aveda
  2. Innersense
  3. IGK Hair
  4. Aesop
  5. Drunk elephant
  6. ringana

1. Aveda

Natural can be so beautiful: The US company Aveda produces care products of all kinds - and 100% vegan. At least half of the ingredients are of natural origin and certified organic. However, the company does not compromise on aesthetics or effectiveness.

The Botanical Repair Strengthening Shampoo* gently cleanses the hair and gives fine hair more volume. Ingredients such as ylang-ylang as well as rose and marjoram repair the hair naturally.

The Nutriplenish series* from Aveda provides dry to very dry hair with moisture. Because the nutrient-rich ingredients mango butter and pomegranate oil provide healthier hair.

Brand Origin: United States, Minneapolis

Key Facts: 100% vegan cosmetics, products of plant origin, use of 100% recycled PET bottles and production with wind power

Shopping: German online shop with free delivery, shipping is in environmentally friendly packaging 


2. Innersense

The next brand on our vegan shampoo list is Innersense. Nature plays a major role for this US label. Because Innersense manufactures hair care products from certified organic plant substances. Most of the products are vegan, but all are 100% natural

The Hydrating Cream Hairbath nourishes thick as well as dry hair with ingredients such as coconut and shea butter. Essential oils of vanilla and sage provide a pleasant scent.

Brand Origin: USA, California

Key Facts: Certified organic and natural ingredients

Shopping: Available at

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3. IGK Hair

IGK Haircare is not concerned with trends as the US label creates them. The products are all vegan and are aimed particularly at modern, young hair care lovers. Founded by four hair stylists from New York, IGK Hair managed to generate a real hype.

The Bad and Bougie Repair Shampoo  especially strengthens wavy and curly hair. The light formula with Amla oil thereby brings the hair structure back to shine.

Brand Origin: USA, New York

Key Facts: Vegan, cruelty-free, without parabens, without sulfates, production without mineral oil

Shopping: Online store for US orders only. International orders by phone or chat

vegan shampoo

4. Aesop

Aesop offers simple products for every type. The formulations are all vegan. The Australian company was even awarded the PETA logo for this. Minimalism as well as naturalness are in the foreground. Developed by a chemist with a PhD, the stylish bottles are reminiscent of medicine bottles.

With the Colour Protection Shampoo Aesop makes colored hair shine again. Tangerine peel, panthenol and oats cleanse the hair free of sulfates without stripping it of color.

Brand Origin: Australia, Melbourne

Key Facts: Natural and simple ingredients and vegan products in a minimalist design

Shopping: German online store with free delivery

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5. Drunk elephant

The young label Drunk Elephant offers a colorful contrast. For the female founder, the main focus is on biocompatibility and thus effectiveness. No distinction is therefore made between skin types and age groups, nor between natural and synthetic ingredients.

The Cocomino Glossing Shampoo is 100% vegan and fragrance-free. It does without sulfates as well as surfactants. The oil of the Sacha Inchi fruit as well as Marula oil provide moisture and grip at the same time.

Brand Origin: USA, Texas

Key Facts: Young and colorful product range, 100% vegan hair products. Eliminates sulfates, surfactants and parabens, among other things

Shopping: Available at *

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6. Ringana

Sustainability and vegan cosmetics are top priorities for the Austrian company Ringana. Fairness when purchasing raw materials, energy-efficient production, microplastic-free and fresh products without preservatives. In addition, resource-saving packaging and a reuse concept for all products.

The Fresh Shampoo cleanses every hair type with olive oil and wheat protein. An environmentally friendly pump dispenser provides for creamy foam.

Brand Origin: Austria

Key facts: Cosmos and Peta certified, sustainable concept with production in Austria and free from microplastics

Shopping: Available at *

"No-List" for vegan shampoos and conditioners

Nevertheless, it is always worth taking a look at the back of the shampoo bottle. If you deal with it a little, you will quickly recognize critical product components. Above all, these ingredients should not be included in vegan cosmetics:

  • Beta-carotene is a pigment from animal tissue
  • Beeswax is - as the name suggests - made from honeycomb
  • chitin is a thickening and moisturizing agent from the shells of shellfish
  • Glycogen in shampoos mostly comes from muscles
  • Hyaluron will often be extracted from animal hides
  • Karmin is a color pigment made from lice
  • Casein is a milk protein
  • Keratin is a protein obtained from hair, feathers or hooves
  • Collagen is often made from animal tissue
  • Linoleic acid is an animal fatty acid
  • Lipoids are animal fats
  • Urea is a metabolic product from the urine of animals
  • Wool fat is excreted by sheep via the sebum glands and obtained from the wool


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