Gucci Continues to Pursue its Sustainability Goals

Whether it's an innovative platform or a perfume based on pure alcohol: Gucci is once again setting a milestone on the way to a sustainable fashion and beauty industry

gucci circular hub
Source & Copyright by Kering

Author: Ines Thömel

  • "Circular Hub" is intended to accelerate the transition to a circular economy
  • Innovation platform to advance sustainable transformation
  •  The company launches the first perfume made from recycled carbon emissions

Gucci recently opened the "Circular Hub" in Italy to advance the circular economy in the fashion industry. The aim is to redefine the entire value chain - from materials to design and logistics. Added to this is the desire to minimize the environmental impact of the industry by reusing or recycling materials and products at the end of their life cycle. Gucci works with its parent company Kering. The "Circular Hub" will not only be an example of sustainable business, but will also help other companies to prepare for a greener future.

"Circular Hub": a big step towards a sustainable fashion industry

The "Circular Hub" was conceived with the idea of ​​exploring the principles of the circular economy and applying them to fashion and luxury goods. The "Circular Hub" includes various initiatives, such as a research and development center, support for circular logistics methods and industrial cooperation partnerships. The Italian fashion house also plans to develop a central management platform that will allow monitoring the traceability of materials and observing the environmental and economic impact of the products. At the same time, it aims to serve as an innovation platform to research new materials and technologies that enable companies to produce more sustainably while reducing the need for new raw materials.

The Brand Relies on Patented Technology

Another example of Gucci's commitment to sustainability is the launch of the "Where My Heart Beats" perfume. The cologne consists exclusively of alcohol and 100% recycled carbon emissions. Gucci has partnered with biotechnology company Lanzatech to develop patented technology to capture carbon from industrial emissions and turn it into alcohol. This is used to produce the scented water and is therefore more environmentally friendly than the conventional alcohol production process.

More and More Labels for Ecological Manufacturing Processes

Part of Gucci's The Alchemist's Garden collection, Where "My Heart Beats" is made from CarbonSmart™ alcohol. The floral scent evokes roses and lily of the valley, but also has green and fresh notes. Gucci is thus setting another example of environmentally friendly production in the cosmetics industry, where more and more brands are paying attention to sustainability and using ecological manufacturing processes and raw materials.

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