Initiative Zero100 promotes collective redesign of digital supply chains

The climate initiative has set itself the goal of radically reducing CO2 emissions in the supply chain through cross-industry digital solutions

Zero100 initiative
Source & Copyright by Zero100

Author: Ines Thömel

  • Zero100 Initiative connects leaders from different industries
  • Zero100's vision is to achieve a zero carbon supply chain by 2050
  • Cross-industry cooperation and setting common goals

Zero100 is one organization, which was founded in 2021 by executives from SCM World, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Deloitte and Amazon (formerly). Other leaders in the apparel and related industries serving on the board include New Balance's Dave Wheeler, Estee Lauder's Roberto Canevari, Asos's Wei Gao and Nike's Venkatesh Alagirisamy. The organization aims to provide a space for exchange to fast fashion giants.

Achieve global climate goals together

Zero100's vision is to digitize the supply chain and achieve zero percent carbon by 2050. The organization works closely with industry colleagues to achieve common goals. By scaling and accelerating positive supply chain impact, Zero100 aims to help address global challenges. Zero100 helps companies transform their supply chain to drive growth, resilience and sustainability. The alliance provides its members with access to research and insights to drive key supply chain and operational priorities.

Transformation as business success

An important part of Zero100's work are the regular events that bring together leaders from different industries. The Zero100 Live event, which will take place in San Diego in October 2023, is an immersive, interactive event consisting of seminars, functional workshops and structured networking sessions. Zero100 Forum 2024 is an annual event aimed at Chief Operating Officers and Chief Supply Chain Officers from the world's largest companies.

The Zero100 global community is committed to transforming the supply chain that enables both business success and the long-term protection of critical assets. With reports, events, content and contacts, Zero100 helps its members accelerate their progress in this direction. The work of Zero100 is an example of how companies can help solve global challenges and create a sustainable future through collaboration and innovation.

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