Gold is often extracted under unworthy conditions for humans and nature. However, there is also ethical gold, ie certified and fairly traded gold. The aim is to limit environmental pollution and promote fair remuneration. We show you which brands use fair trade or 2nd life gold.

Sustainable wedding – From second hand bridal fashion and ecological stationery

Discover all the tips about a sustainable wedding and how you can make the big day festive and environmentally friendly


Alchemy, 100% natural, beauty care with gold & silver


High & Fair Jewellery, Recycled Precious Metals, Handmade in Germany

Jewelry with responsibility: These labels stand for values

Sustainable jewelry not only gives your outfits a final touch, they also represent ethical and ecological values.

Beabond: Jewellery that protects rather than transcends planetary boundaries

Beabond founder Ferelith Moltke on traceable diamonds, living handicrafts and jewelry for the protection of nature and animals Interview with Ferelith Moltke, founder of Beabond

About the new generation of fine jewelery - luxurious & sustainable

Talking to Helge Maren Hauptmann - the founder of the first German B Corp certified jewelery brand Maren Jewelery Interview with Helge Maren Hauptmann, founder of Maren Jewellery

How the Fashion Taskforce enables sustainable change in fashion

The Fashion Taskforce is launching a digital ID that has the potential to offer consumers transparency and sustainability in fashion

Ana Khouri on fair jewellery as a symbol of lasting value

Fair jewelry meets art and design - jewelry designer Ana Khouri on the challenges in the jewelry industry and her collaboration with Fairmined In an interview with Ana Khouri, jewelry designer and founder of the Ana Khouri label

Synthetic diamonds: Innovative gemstones from the laboratory

For centuries, diamonds have been the source of controversial mining. But that could end now - are synthetic diamonds from the laboratory the future?

Luxury watch brands that act in line with responsibility and fairness

In the jewelry industry, too, more and more brands are integrating ethics and sustainability into their corporate philosophy. We show which luxury watch brands act responsibly Follow

White gold know-how: Everything that glitters is gold

Exclusive white gold jewelry creations promise timeless joy. But why is white gold premium and where can you find the most beautiful jewelry?

Capolavoro: A jewelry manufacturer through the ages

In dialogue with the founding family Fritsch: be open to change - a story about tradition and future Premium Partnership

Ethical Gold: About the Responsibility of the Jewelry Industry

The fashion industry is becoming more and more sustainable, but what about the jewelry industry? We show what is hidden behind the term ethical gold and what fair gold mining looks like

Chopard - 100% ethical gold

  The luxury brand Chopard uses 100 percent ethically sound gold. What is Ethical Gold?

Atelier Swarovski focuses on sustainability

The Oscar winner Penélope Cruz is bringing out a sustainable collection with the traditional Atelier Swarovski

Sustainable luxury jewelry

High-quality jewelry is no longer defined solely by aesthetic design. It's about a holistic, qualitative and exclusive approach. When it comes to gold, ethical gold is the answer to sustainability, ethics, quality and aesthetics. Find out here exactly what is behind the trend-setting catchphrase.

Ethical gold: high-end with a heart

We show an exclusive selection of high-end jewelry designers who offer fair jewelry made from ethical gold. Far from mechanical mass production, this guarantees low-emission and energy-saving production of luxury jewelry. In general, environmentally harmful and inhumane working conditions and highly toxic gold mining are clearly in the context of the positive commitments of brands that use ethical gold for their sustainable jewelry. We'll show you what those are.

While ethical gold is always obtained under fair conditions from nature and people, it must also be traded fairly. In addition, certifications such as fair trade represent an important quality feature. To ensure this, we show personalities from the jewelry industry who guarantee the use of ethical gold through personal acquisition from fair mines under the premise of resource conservation.

Everything that glitters is gold here

Discover facts about ethical gold such as 2nd life or recycled gold, know-how about alloys such as white gold and brands that specialize in the sustainable production of luxury jewelry. Manufactured under the premise of resource conservation, philanthropy and sustainability.