People are drawn to the city these days. There living space is becoming increasingly scarce and densely built-up areas hardly offer any space for greenery. The construction industry could, however, become greener again: with houses that blend in with nature.

News: "All Eyes On" - The digital format of the German Design Award 2021

This year, the winning projects of the German Design Award will be presented by the German Design Council in a new online framework.

Wallmakers House: Award-winning architecture with a sense of sustainability

Vinu Daniel is considered an architectural pioneer. His Wallmakers house Shikhara shows how he is revolutionizing modern house construction in the long term

Architectural design and new standards for sustainability

Setting signals where they are created - this is what the British architecture firm does with its sustainability manifesto

Green architecture combines construction and nature

Sustainable construction should make it possible to use natural resources to build houses. When selecting the building materials, the question of which existing raw materials can be reused or converted in a circular system should also be in the foreground.

Conserve resources and save energy

Sustainable energy sources such as photovoltaics or solar batteries ensure the power supply for green buildings. Such houses can obtain water from recycled rainwater, among other things. Architecture that does not harm nature and uses existing resources instead of wasting them.

Building in nature

The right location also plays a major role when it comes to sustainable architecture. A place should preferably be chosen where the ecosystem can be preserved. The land use should also be reduced as much as possible. At best, trees, bushes and meadows around the building are largely preserved before new gardens are artificially built.

Green label for houses

Green architecture is also certified by the seal. The most widespread certifications for sustainable building are the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) and the Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM) - the oldest certification system for sustainable building. They take into account the effects of buildings on a global, regional, local and indoor level. Criteria taken into account include management, energy, water, land use, health and well-being, transport, materials, pollution, waste and innovation.

Sustainable house construction meets design

The close-to-nature house construction creates exciting designs. Green roofs, facades full of plants or houses in the shape of hills - architects have no limits when building green architecture. Trends such as vertical agriculture are also gaining ground in this context.