Style and design are always in harmony. We supplement the interior design with the aspect of sustainability and combine conscious and minimalist furnishing with modern aesthetics.

Sustainable garden furniture: Top 5 brands and trends for 2024

Off to the green! Just in time for the start of the open-air season, we reveal the most important new outdoor furniture trends and introduce the best brands for sustainable garden furniture

Green Product Award 2024: Sustainable innovations on the path to change

Sustainable design with distinction! The Green Product Award offers a stage for innovative products. We introduce you to the winners in 2024 who are driving the green transformation

Living vegan: This is how ethical interior design works

How can you live stylishly and vegan? We present the best tips and the top brands for furnishings that are chic and cruelty-free at the same time

Waste to Value: Recycling furniture gives old materials a new purpose

Whether made from used children's toys, coffee leftovers or orange peels - recycled furniture combines creativity with sustainability and functionality. Here we introduce you to all the benefits and the best brands

Product Sustainability Framework: Criteria for sustainable interior design

Dive into the five assessment categories of the Product Sustainability Framework and understand how it leads to greater sustainability in the world of interior design

Design with responsibility: This is how sustainable the Stockholm Furniture Fair is

Scandinavia's leading platform for design and architecture presents current trends in the furniture industry at its trade fair - sustainability also finds its place here

The German Design Award 2024 as a catalyst for design innovations

This year, innovative approaches to transformations in architecture, product and communication design will be honored with the German Design Award

Interior trends at imm cologne 2024

From sustainable innovations to natural design and minimalist sophistication – the imm cologne presents the future of interior design

Interior design trends 2024 – warmth, contrasts and biophilia

Warm colors and cleverly placed accents for home interior design – these are the top 5 interior trends in 2024

Circular Furniture: 8 furniture designs made from circular materials

Circular Furniture is the future of eco-friendly design - We show unique pieces of furniture made from circular materials

Last call for registration for the German Design Award 2024

The world's most creative talents and hubs are invited to submit their groundbreaking projects for the German Design Award 2024 by September 1st

Sustainable landscape architecture under the California sun

The Environmental Design Studio shows landscape architecture in a harmonious union of design and environment

New Work: Sustainable office furniture in the office and what to look out for

In times of New Work, positive impulses count in the office and home office - sustainable office furniture plays a major role

News: German Design Award 2023 honors Eco and Social Design

The German Design Award 2023 revolves around impact - pioneering design means socially and ecologically responsible design

Green Future Club celebrates its anniversary: ​​10 years Green Product & Concept Award

The application phase for the Green Product Award and the Green Concept Award 2023 is underway - this is what the organizer Green Future Club is planning

Event: Green Product & Concept Award 2022 honors innovative product designs

The competition for a greener future with sustainable and innovative product ideas - new this year is the MCBW exhibition and the Green Future Club

Sustainability and Hybrid Commerce: Consumer Trends 2022

GfK study sees sustainability as the top trend for the new year - these are the topics for retailers, manufacturers and consumers

Book Club: TrendBook Forecast 2022 | 23 - Retro, Organic Materials, New Minimalism

These 5 macro trends offer inspiration for interior design, accessories, fashion, colors and textures in 2022/23

Iconic Awards 2022: The trend barometer for sustainable interior

In 2022, the German Design Council will continue to promote and honor new solutions and sustainable design with its Iconic Awards: Innovative Interior

Sustainable design combines aesthetics and responsibility

 Young designers combine modern concepts with sustainable criteria and more and more traditional houses are following suit - welcome to the new perfection!

Book Club: Gio Ponti appears as a personal & exclusive special edition

“Even if Ponti was not concerned with saving resources, but rather with the appearance of lightness, his approach can be transferred to our time”

Nomad upcycling rugs combine unique design with an appreciation for leftovers

“We believe in innovation, in crossing boundaries and in redefining the image of re- and upcycling in interiors” In an interview with Jutta Werner, founder of Nomad

Mid century furniture: a touch of nostalgia in your own apartment

A luxurious and practical furnishing trend that is catching on again after more than half a century: mid-century furniture is back 

Rethinking living spaces: Modular architecture and housing concepts

With modular architecture and flexible living concepts into the future of living - we show sustainable and creative projects that rethink living

Green Furniture Concept: Biophilic Design & Modularity for Public Interior

Johan Berhin, founder and designer of Green Furniture Concept, talks about natural design as a symbol of security and the importance of modularity and circularity for interiors in public places Interview with Johan Berhin, Founder & Designer

The art of Feng Shui: How to design your living room harmoniously

Feng Shui promises more tidiness and a cosy atmosphere. With these tips, you too can furnish your Feng Shui living room according to the Chinese theory of harmony. 

Luxury home gym: train at home in style

Even the training options have moved home within the past few months. But not only in times of a pandemic: with these devices you can create your own luxury home gym 

Scandinavian decoration: Plain and simple furnishings from the north

Less is more: Scandinavian decoration with lots of Nordic home accessories made from natural materials fit into any home 

Home office design: interior moods for more focus in the study room

For many, the workplace has moved into their own homes: We show you how to set up your home office and the most beautiful interior moods - functional, stylish and sustainable

Dodds & Shute: A platform is changing the design industry forever

“We started using our company as a case study for sustainable change in 2017 - we are driven by the idea that we can initiate real change in the design industry” In an interview with Stefan Dodds and Nick Shute, founder of Dodds & Shute

What we can expect from the future new work culture

A shift in values ​​towards collaboration, creative solutions and agility will result in the humanisation of future work

Book Club: Ai Weiwei - 40th Anniversary Edition

Our book tip of the month follows Chinese activist and artist Ai Weiwei through his life stages and shows his works inspired by the different phases

Lutz Dietzold, CEO of the German Design Council, on sustainable design

“Sustainable design ensures long-term corporate success and is accessible to everyone” In an interview with Lutz Dietzold, CEO of the German Design Council

News: “All Eyes On” – Digital format of the German Design Award 2021

This year, the winning projects of the German Design Award will be presented by the German Design Council in a new online framework.

Dodds & Shute: Swedish furniture brands leading in terms of sustainability

No other country produces furniture as sustainably as Sweden. This finding has been shown in the new sustainability report from Dodds & Shute

Smile Plastics - Inspirational designs made of recycled plastics

With their innovative recycled materials, the duo of Smile Plastics inspires designers and architects worldwide In an interview with Adam Fairweather and Rosalie McMillan

The most beautiful furnishing ideas for your home

Furnishing ideas that combine functionality and beauty. We show trends and inspiration for modern interiors 2021

Top XNUMX online platforms for second hand furniture

Second hand furniture is a great way to give your home a unique and sustainable interior upgrade. Here, you can find the best online shops for high-quality, pre-owned design classics, unique vintage items and special treasures

Home Report 2021 - Trend developments in the housing and construction industry

The most important living trends in 2021: About redefining a good home and why cities need to become more resilient

Book Club: Homes For Our Time

Our book tip of the month shows the most beautiful, most interesting houses worldwide as well as the ingenuity of visionary architects

Minimalism: the conscious decision for more value

Minimalism represents the decision for more value and quality in life. We present 7 tips and impulse questions to implement the lifestyle

Wabi Sabi: Harmony through imperfect purism

Wabi Sabi represents the joy of clarity, the reflection on the essentials and the recognition of perfection in something imperfect. Discover the Japanese tradition, which has aspired to be a trend

Wallmakers House: Award-winning architecture with a sense of sustainability

Vinu Daniel is considered an architectural pioneer. His Wallmakers house Shikhara shows how he is revolutionizing modern house construction in the long term

Mottainai: The Art of Not Wasting

The Japanese Mottainai philosophy describes appreciation and respect for our resources. Discover how the concept promotes sustainability in everyday life

Minimalist Living: The trend at home is that easy

What is the minimalist living trend? We clean up with clichés like strelies living and radical mucking out

Kitchen trends 2021 - this is how a stylish kitchen upgrade works

All kitchen trends 2021 in terms of things, color, concept and style. Smart kitchen helpers for modern kitchens and the best sustainable kitchen manufacturers can be found here

Home Report 2020 - Future of Living and Building

How can the architecture of our cities, our buildings, but above all the architecture of our lives, be better designed?

Cocooning 3.0 - When the inside becomes the new outside

In the reinforced home office, borders between private and public are blurring. The learned separation of living spaces dissolves. What effects does this have on rooms and furniture and how long does the cocooning wave last? By expert Julia Riedmeier "Neo Luxury"

Inspiration & ideas for home trends and design 5

As every year, there are many new ways to upgrade modern homes effortlessly as well as stylishly. These are the Top 5 interior home trends and design ideas 2020

Auction platforms: Antique objects are the luxury of tomorrow

The desire for sustainability and exclusivity leads to the boom in the auction platforms for antiques. We show where you bid best

News: Kenzo launches lifestyle brand K3 for interior decoration

Kenzo Takdada is celebrating its comeback in the design world with the K3 Lifestyle Brand - instead of fashion, the Japanese star designer is now offering high-quality interiors 

Plants for a good indoor climate - myth or fact?

The fact that plants improve the indoor climate is controversial - we show what is really true of the myth and how you can guarantee to optimize your well-being with a few green accents

Renting furniture - now the hype of the metropolises comes to us

Always modernly furnished with the megatrend of renting furniture: Stylish home upgrade at any time. And environmentally friendly

Modern lamps: the right lighting design for your own four walls

Modern lamps are the icing on the cake of the interior design. The right lighting concept also increases well-being. We show what is important and the most beautiful brands

Architectural design and new standards for sustainability

Setting signals where they are created - this is what the British architecture firm does with its sustainability manifesto

Easter decorations made by yourself and from fine natural materials

Decorate and give away for Easter. Modern design ideas that are stylish and durable. Easter decorations are made in-house or come from fine natural materials.

Inspired by nature - Regenerative design beyond sustainability

Michael Pawlyn pioneered regenerative architecture through innovation through imitation of biology

Pantone's Color of the Year is "Classic Blue"

In 2020, Pantone is banking on a classic: "Classic Blue" is the color of the year. The color embodies calm, simple elegance and timelessness

Designer portrait - Guillaume Alan defines minimalist luxury on a new level

With his focus on aesthetic restraint, the French exceptional designer counts on the essence of things and the search for the essential

KPM chief designer Thomas Wenzel on timeless and sensual design

In dialogue with the chief designer of the Königliche Porzellan-Manufaktur Berlin - challenges of modern table culture

New Heritage - Put an end to the throw-away mentality

We want products for eternity. Things that are so well done that we can still pass them on to our grandchildren

Terrazzo - the designer scene's favorite for La Dolce Vita

Terrazzo as new star of the international design scene. The colorful flooring exudes Mediterranean flair, lightness and elegance. Get to know the zero-emission eye-catcher

Sustainable furniture – eco design for your own home

How environmentally friendly is your own home? Sustainable furniture and other important choices - We show you what eco-design is all about 

Vanessa Yuan & Joris Vanbriel on designer furniture for children

In dialogue with the founders of EcoBirdy about recycling discarded plastic toys and colorful designer furniture for children

KPM's new boss Martina Hacker on tradition & trends

In dialogue with Martina Hacker, Managing Director of KPM Königliche Porzellan-Manufaktur Berlin. A strong woman leads the traditional porcelain brand into the future

Star designer Enrico Cinzano on the facets of aesthetics and sustainable design

In dialogue with the Italian star designer Enrico Marone Cinzano - the artful union of design, aesthetics and sustainability 

Wall design inspired by historic villas and châteaus

The wall design can give the living space a completely new effect. With its historical colors, Little Greene creates a plague world of styles for your own home

Green Living Interior Design: Here's how to make your modern, chic and green home improvements

Beauty and a sense of responsibility are not mutually exclusive. Green Living stands for stylish furnishings and a conscious lifestyle. With these interior design tips, you can also do it in your own four walls

The Vessel - New York's newest attraction from designer Heatherwick

The Vessel is the heart of New York's newest luxury neighborhood, Hudson Yards. The building, designed by Thomas Heatherwick, opened its doors for the first time this year in Manhattan's Midtown West

The stylist Werner Aisslinger on the modern role of the designer

Werner Aisslinger, one of the largest product designers in Germany, tells us in private about future trends, the transformation of the designer and what beauty and aesthetics mean to him

Everything you need to know about eco-friendly paint

In addition to the organic colors made purely on a natural basis, there are also increasingly new, environmentally friendly colors from renowned brands. We explain what you have to pay attention to when buying

100 years of Bauhaus and the nationwide expedition

In the almost 14 years of its existence, the Bauhaus revolutionized creative and artistic thinking. The big anniversary will be celebrated nationwide in 2019

Sustainable organic colors - Naturally beautiful

With color nuances for a higher standard of living in your own four walls. Sustainable organic colors ensure a non-toxic well-being

Beautiful textiles for sustainable furniture

Sustainable furniture made from natural fabrics and materials. Cotton, silk, hemp and synthetic leather. We show the most beautiful fabrics for your interior design

TEFAF - the art fair of superlatives in New York

Modern art and design of the post-war period, antiques, ethnographic art and jewelry at the superlative art fair

Luxurious interior design for stylish living spaces

Behind the word interior design - which is often referred to by the trend word interior design - is much more than the mere design and planning of rooms. Interior architecture can be found at the interface of art and design as well as technical and architectural know-how. In addition, environmental awareness is an important aspect of decision-making in all areas of life these days. To meet all of these requirements, we will show you how you can not only set up modern, high-quality, but also sustainable.

It's all in the mix: luxurious interior design through a harmony of antiques and modern it-pieces

All trends in interior design can be found here. These range from the renaissance of antique furniture to the launch of new furniture collections by renowned designers and score according to the current zeitgeist due to their sustainability. While antiques make buying new products superfluous, which means protecting the environment by saving production processes, interior designers are increasingly using fair production methods and innovative materials for new collections.

The discovery of innovative materials and production methods plays a major role in the cosmos of interior design. Furniture and interior accessories that are produced sustainably are non-toxic and prevent consumers from surrounding themselves with toxins in their own home every day. To set an example, we are showing responsible designer brands for a pollutant-free and luxurious interior.

Trends and expert tips for interior design that are good for the planet and the owners

Organic colors, DIY decoration ideas, plants and lighting concepts also belong to the interior design. So if you're looking for inspiration to beautify your own home or make it more environmentally and health-friendly, you've come to the right place. Current megatrends and expert interviews offer an optimal basis for upgrading the interior design at home. And always in the context of sustainability and aesthetics.

Minimalism and other living trends for well-being

With a focus on concepts such as minimalism, interior design refers not only to the appearance of the interior, but to a holistic approach to wellbeing. The well-being of people, because sustainable interior design is characterized by aesthetics, high quality and health protection and also the well-being of the planet, because it is protected along the entire value chain.