Less is more. This is how minimalism can be described in a nutshell. However, this is more than just an interior trend. Minimalism is a philosophy of life that can increase well-being and promote conscious consumer behavior for more sustainability.

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Minimalism: focus on the essentials, quality and well-being

In order to make a clear statement against the environmentally harmful consumer society, more and more people are discovering minimalism for themselves and establishing it as a lifestyle. It is about the restriction to the essentials, quality and well-being. Here we show you exactly how this works, tips for implementation and the latest news and trends around minimalism.

Perfecting elegant restraint with minimalism

Minimalism encourages us to rethink our consumer behavior. Are we really only buying what we need? Instead of regularly consuming new products, it is in the spirit of minimalism to actually only choose products that are really needed or loved. The quality of the objects is also decisive. This ensures their longevity and timelessness. Discover brands here that meet these requirements of minimalism.

Expert interviews with designers and scene insiders show how minimalism can be easily integrated into everyday life. In addition, interior trends such as minimalist furnishing and tips for their implementation as well as everything you need to know about the minimalist philosophy of life. Separating yourself from things and focusing on the essentials will no longer be difficult for you with this know-how.

This is how the reflection on the essentials works

Since minimalism increases environmental protection and holistic well-being, its popularity is no wonder. While less and more conscious consumption is consumed in the name of sustainability, well-being is increased by reflecting on what is important. Order and beauty through the restriction to high-quality and useful things at the same time ensure clarity and an open mindset. A positive side effect: the clean, modern look is really impressive.