The industry is changing. One brand after the other is springing up with sustainable products and innovative ideas. So that you don't lose track of things, we will keep you up to date with the latest news.

BrunelloCucinelli.AI combines tradition with innovation

The Italian fashion house Brunello Cucinelli presented BrunelloCucinelli.AI, an innovative project in Milan that creates a unique symbiosis of human creativity and artificial intelligence

Don't miss List: 10 sustainable news in July

Whether sustainability in Scandinavia, green luxury on the Balearic Islands or clean beauty in London – these sustainable news will inspire us in July

Don't miss List: 10 sustainable news in June

From sustainable hotels to organic cosmetics to vegan grilled food – we reveal what sustainable news you can look forward to this month

AI for the Oceans Award honors innovative marine conservation projects

The AI ​​for the Oceans Award honors concepts that use AI and progressive technologies to help preserve the ecological balance of the oceans

Greentech Festival 2024: Paving the way for green innovations

Future-oriented technologies and interdisciplinary exchange at the Greentech Festival 2024 - Berlin under the sign of sustainable transformation

Green Product Award 2024: Sustainable innovations on the path to change

Sustainable design with distinction! The Green Product Award offers a stage for innovative products. We introduce you to the winners in 2024 who are driving the green transformation

Design with responsibility: This is how sustainable the Stockholm Furniture Fair is

Scandinavia's leading platform for design and architecture presents current trends in the furniture industry at its trade fair - sustainability also finds its place here

The German Design Award 2024 as a catalyst for design innovations

This year, innovative approaches to transformations in architecture, product and communication design will be honored with the German Design Award

Interior trends at imm cologne 2024

From sustainable innovations to natural design and minimalist sophistication – the imm cologne presents the future of interior design

Miami Art Basel 2023: A fusion of fashion, web3, sustainability and art

This year, fashion, web3 and sustainability were more central than ever at Art Basel. Some brands were particularly characterized by the merger of these areas

Pharrell Williams' Millionaire Speedy Bag – Can Loud Luxury be sustainable?

 The Millionaire Speedy Bag – in the debate about Quiet Luxury and Logomania it raises questions about sustainability

Fashion Week 2023: an industry change through sustainable innovations

Fashion Week 2023: Promotion of social responsibility and sustainable innovation approaches underline the industry change

Balance between purpose & profit: Challenge or future bearer?

Why purpose and profit are no longer opposites and how companies can reconcile them for long-term success

Controversy over new EU standards for sustainability reporting

EU Sustainability Reporting Standards Replacing Mandatory with Voluntary Disclosures – Progress or Regression?  

Last call for registration for the German Design Award 2024

The world's most creative talents and hubs are invited to submit their groundbreaking projects for the German Design Award 2024 by September 1st

Coldplay is revolutionizing touring with sustainability initiatives

Coldplay is pursuing a holistic agenda to make music touring sustainable - an interim result promises success of the ambition

The German Design Council celebrates its 70th anniversary

The international competence center for design is celebrating its anniversary - and with it collaboration, talent promotion, innovation and sustainability

“Mission to Net Zero”: The Greentech Festival celebrates its 5th anniversary

Green technologies, future-proof knowledge & global synergies for transformative change - that's what the Greentech Festival 2023 promises

The female career festival KOA celebrates inclusion & empowerment

Valuable insights, a strong female community and undiscovered career opportunities - everything about KOA Berlin and its potential

Loofah sponge - the all-rounder for a sustainable everyday life

A loofah is sustainable and versatile in the bathroom and household

IPCC outlines measures for a sustainable future worth living in

The IPCC report marks an urgent turning point: the need for action to protect the climate has never been greater and solutions more readily available 

Why the Oscars 2023 revolved around sustainability

The awarding of the Oscars was increasingly in the spirit of sustainability - and is therefore considered a pioneer for events in the sense of New Luxury

Hydrogen Utopia and Ethical Fashion Group turn fashion into energy

How EFG and HUI aim to find a fashion pollution solution by converting fashion waste into hydrogen

Historic UN High Seas Agreement adopted

The UN's International High Seas Convention aims to protect pollution and loss of biodiversity

News: Gucci & Kering advance circular fashion with Circular Hub

The Circular Hub aims to drive innovation and create synergies to accelerate the circular transformation of luxury fashion

News: Chloé and Vestiaire Collective launch digital product ID

How Chloé Vertical wants to revolutionize the traceability, transparency and circularity of fashion with the help of a digital ID

News: CPHFW 2023 tightens sustainable guidelines

How the CPHFW 2023 anchors sustainability in the DNA of fashion labels and the entire fashion ecosystem in the long term

News: German Design Award 2023 honors Eco and Social Design

The German Design Award 2023 revolves around impact - pioneering design means socially and ecologically responsible design

Berlin Fashion Week 2023: space for sustainability, innovation & diversity

Sustainable commitment of the Berlin Fashion Week 2023 positions Germany as a relevant player in international fashion 

News: European Fashion Alliance outlines Green Deal for fashion

How the European Fashion Alliance wants to reinvent the European fashion industry based on sustainability, education, politics and innovation

How urban mining promises a waste-free future

Urban mining stands for sustainable and future-oriented raw material extraction. Everything about the innovative strategy for resource protection

Nontalo Kids: Where play, spontaneity and sustainability are in harmony

Design duo Eneris Collective launches Nontalo Kids - A modular and bio-based stool with a playful twist

News: GREENSTYLE brings fair fashion & education to Munich

The fashion industry needs to become more sustainable - this is exactly why GREENSTYLE creates awareness, reach and visibility for forward-looking changemakers

COP27: Climate protection as a question of social justice

The threat of climate change no longer allows compromises in terms of social and ecological sustainability - this is what the COP27 demands

Beatriz Morales stages sustainable art with “Where the Wild Things Grow”.

The Mexican artist Beatriz Morales shows her exhibition “Where the Wild Things Grow” – a tribute to her origins, nature and craftsmanship

Green Future Club celebrates its anniversary: ​​10 years Green Product & Concept Award

The application phase for the Green Product Award and the Green Concept Award 2023 is underway - this is what the organizer Green Future Club is planning

Milan Fashion Week closes with the CNMI Sustainable Fashion Awards

Milan Fashion Week ended with a clear statement for sustainability: the presentation of the CNMI Sustainable Fashion Awards

Iconic Awards 2022: Innovative Architecture - Awareness of Sustainable Building

The Iconic Awards 2022: Innovative Architecture honor forward-looking projects and new approaches to sustainable construction

Contemporary fashion house Ganni becomes B Corp certified

The fashion house gets the B Corp certification due to its commitment to ethics and sustainability

Vogue Next: The future is built on sustainability & inclusion

All the highlights and trend-setting trends of the VOGUE NEXT conference on ecologically and socially sustainable development

Patagonia Founder Appoints Earth as Sole Shareholder

Yvon Chouinard has donated 100% of his Patagonia brand to charitable foundations to fight climate change

Eco meets innovation: UNStudio presents sustainable office tower

When architecture meets uncompromising social & ecological sustainability - UNStudio launches design for Frankfurt's NION office tower

Can exotic leather follow the real fur phenomenon?

Many companies have already decided against using exotic animal skins, but why is it so little talked about?

News: Stella McCartney launches sustainable beauty care

Fashion brands like Stella McCartney are entering the ever-growing and highly competitive beauty industry 

CPHFW News: Copenhagen Fashion Week announces fur ban

Copenhagen Fashion Week complements its sustainable commitment with animal welfare - fur no longer has a place in the Danish fashion world

Sustainable logos: The new status symbol of conscious fashion brands

More and more brands are modifying their brand symbols and launching sustainable logos as an expression of their commitment - but what does that mean?

News: Gucci x Ellen MacArthur Foundation for a circular fashion industry

Gucci is collaborating with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation to extend its commitment to circular economy

The Loewe summer collection 2023 – with living plants

the new men's collection combines nature and technology to show that fashion needs to be more sustainable

Re-Creation Program: Nike's new experiment in circular fashion

New products made from local vintage and dead-stock pieces aim to advance the circular vision

Recap – The Green Voices Conference 2022

For everyone who is committed to sustainability - together for a working world without burnout for people and nature

Davos Highlights 2022 - climate protection, environment and innovations

Climate catastrophes, energy transition and trillion trees - together for a green and sustainable future

Kelp Collection: 3D print design innovation made from recycled fishing nets

The Swedish design studio Interesting Times Gang launches trendsetting Kelp Collection, which combines 3D printing with recycling

Kering invests in real leather from the lab – is this the future?

Luxury fashion group Kering has teamed up with VitroLabs - a biotech start-up from California - to develop leather alternatives

NJAL launches its first sustainable collection: Collection N°1

After NJAL has already given 50.000 designers a voice in fashion, the first own & sustainable Collection N°1 follows

Zaha Hadid Architects set new standards for Eco Architecture

Zaha Hadid Architects' BEEAH Headquarters: a symbol of architecture at the intersection of sustainability, technology and philanthropy 

EU adopts “Sustainable Products Initiative” for more circular economy

The European Commission agrees: products must be a new source of raw materials to reduce waste

Fashion Week Highlights – Sustainability Recap

New York, London, Milan, Paris - and Copenhagen. Everything about the Fashion Weeks and what the Big Four can learn from the CPHFW in terms of sustainability

Planthroposcene Trend - Living in an Urban Jungle

What is Planthroposcene? A plea for nature to move into contemporary interiors for a better quality of life

News: German Design Award 2022 celebrates 10 years of visionary design

On the occasion of the 10th German Design Award 2022, the German Design Council honours the winners and their design innovations in an exhibition at the MAK Frankfurt

News: Moncler goes fur-free as part of its sustainability agenda

Moncler announces to phase out fur in all of its collections, as part of its Born to Protect sustainability agenda

News: Winners of the German Design Award 2022 prove innovative eco design

For the anniversary, the winners of the German Design Award 2022 show innovation, sustainability & aesthetics with pioneering projects

News: These are the results of the COP26 climate conference

Between progress and room for improvement: These are the results of the UN climate conference COP26 and its implications for the future

News: What we can expect from the COP26 climate conference

This year's UN climate conference COP26 is considered as most crucial for the fight against climate change

News: Sportswear collaboration with resale program “Choose to Give Back”

Together with the second-hand platform thredUP, adidas has launched a circular initiative: “Choose to Give Back”

News: Prince William awards the world's first Earthshot Prize

With the Earthshot Prize, Prince William is launching a 10-year plan to restore the health of our planet

News: Gucci Vault - Young designers on the vintage shopping stage

New collab “Comme Des Garçon X Gucci” in the digital retro space Vault sold out in a few hours

Iconic Awards 2022: The trend barometer for sustainable interior

In 2022, the German Design Council will continue to promote and honor new solutions and sustainable design with its Iconic Awards: Innovative Interior

News: According to Kering, animal fur no longer has a place in the luxury industry

Kering continues its sustainable commitment by introducing a fur-free policy for all its labels. As of 2022, no house of the luxury group will use animal fur anymore

News: Nike is commercialises AirCarbon biomaterial for CO2 reduction

Nike is collaborating with biotech company Newlight Technologies to reduce its carbon footprint by using the biomaterial AirCarbon

From linear to circular - BMW Group presents the i Vision Circular

This vision vehicle is created according to the principles of the circular economy throughout the entire design, development and manufacturing process

Event: IAA Mobility - realignment for future mobility

IAA Mobility aims to become an international mobility center, with sustainability playing a stronger role

Berlin Fashion Week becomes the place for sustainable fashion

Berlin Fashion Week gives young, sustainable labels and talents an international stage and puts sustainability at the forefront

Event: Glocal Changemaking - 202030-The Berlin Fashion Summit

The digital conference is a partner of the Berlin Fashion Week and promotes the transformation to a sustainable fashion industry 

News: Pangaia uses material innovation against food waste

Using fruit leaves for textile innovation and creating new resources from waste

News: Bentley switches to sustainable leather

Automobile manufacturer becomes the first member of the Leather Working Group

News: Copenhagen Fashion Week sets sustainability standards

Copenhagen Fashion Week focuses on sustainability and stands out from big fashion shows

World climate report: IPCC issues warning and calls for immediate action

Unprecedented climatic extremes and an intensification of global warming alarm - this shows the world climate report of the IPCC. But also what can now be done to protect the planet 

Gamified Luxury puts users in a parallel universe

Gamification creates a new world of fun, technology and profit - everything about the new attraction and how the trend can be used for positive development

News: Canada Goose plans to stop using fur by 2022

The fur collar on the hood: A trademark of Canada Goose jackets - from this year, however, on the way to CO2 neutrality, no more fur will be bought

Tomás Saraceno x Maison Ruinart: AR Art in the rhythm of nature

Declaration of independence from fossil fuels: Tomás Saraceno's “Movement” installation for Ruinart balances sustainability, art and AR technology

News: Drake on the way to climate neutrality with Startup Aspiration

World-famous musician Drake is rising as an investor and collaboration partner at Aspiration, a Los Angeles startup specializing in sustainability and financial services

News: Reform the Future - Frankfurt Fashion Week meets SDG Summit

For the first time, the Frankfurt Fashion Week and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Summit took place from July 05th to 09th, 2021. We were there and learned what the future of the sustainable fashion and textile industry will bring with it.

Curse or blessing? Revenge shopping as the return of the “Golden Twenties”

Human numbers in metropolitan regions and record sales paint the current picture of the fashion landscape - but how sustainable is the post-Covid consumerism?

News: #CelebrateChange in Berlin as part of the Greentech Festival

 Over 100 exhibitors presented their innovative and green inventions for a sustainable future as part of the Greentech Festival

As an industry pioneer, Burberry aims to be climate positive by 2040

The luxury company announces changes in its own supply chain and promotes future-oriented projects. Is the new goal realistic or too ambitious?

Urban Air Mobility is turning urban traffic upside down

The dream of flying could find its way into our cities in the next few years and thereby significantly improve the inner-city traffic situation - the most exciting urban air mobility projects

News: Adidas x Allbirds co-creation for the lowest-emission sneaker

 Collaboration instead of competition is the name of the game at Futurecraft.Footprint - the sneaker with the lowest CO2 footprint to date

News: LVHM x Google Cloud Promotes AI-Based Luxury Experiences

Innovation launches for luxury synonym - In its latest collaboration with Google Cloud, LVHM shows how AI and cloud-based solutions promote new luxury

News: Evian (re)new perceptible water bubble designed by Virgil Abloh

Less plastic, more design. Once again Evian and Virgil Abloh have redesigned the future of sustainable water consumption. Read everything about the Evian (re)new here

Big City-Life: Sky Pool opens in London's Embassy Gardens

London architecture project: The 25-meter-long “Sky Pool” in the urban district of Embassy Gardens connects two ten-story buildings

News: Climate Protection Act overturned - Germany as a pioneer for Europe

The law passed in 2019 only contains inadequate requirements for reducing emissions after 2030

Is the current NFT Art Boom bad for the Environment?

The hype about crypto art has triggered a climate controversy due to the supposedly high energy consumption - but there is hope for a green crypto development

News: IWC launches TimberTex, a sustainable leather alternative

The Swiss watch manufacturer joins brands like Hermès and Adidas and develops watch straps made from sustainable leather alternatives

News: Hermès launches Victoria travel bag made of mushroom-based “leather”

The high-fashion house Hermès, known for its exclusive leather goods, is breaking with tradition and, in cooperation with MycoWorks, is launching a bag made from lab-grown mycelium

Future of luxury: The market for insurgent cultural and creative excellence

The luxury industry will undergo a drastic transformation by 2030 - luxury trends bring meaning and dynamism to the fore

News: Prada signs ninety million-euro sustainability linked loan

Prada signs a million-euro loan to enforce sustainability as part of a company-wide sustainability strategy

News: Denmark plans to build an island for the generation of green energy

Denmark is planning an artificial island to store wind energy in the North Sea. In this way, millions of European households may be supplied with electricity

News: Aveda products are now vegan and cruelty-free

All Aveda products are now 100% vegan - High-quality cosmetics that are good for the people, animals and environment

News: Adidas classics are coming back as vegan and sustainable versions

The iconic sneakers are coming back in a sustainable version: This year Adidas wants to bring vegan shoes made of mushroom leather to the market

News: Evian x Virgil Abloh to continue their sustainable commitments

Evian x Virgil Abloh stands for sustainable & innovative design as well as creative projects with a positive impact. In 2021, the duo will launch their first recycled plastic bottle

News: The EU's new climate target accelerates the reduction of CO2 emissions

EU members have decided to reduce CO2030 emissions by 2% by 55 and thus have tightened the climate protection targets

News: Armani sends a strong message with its R-EA capsule collection

Under the motto 100% sustainable, 100% stylish, the Armani fashion group is now also devoting itself to sustainability

News: Tom Ford launches the world's first 100% recyclable luxury watch

With the Tom Ford Ocean Plastic Watch, the high-end designer launches the first 100% recyclable premium watch made from marine plastic

News: Moncler launches Born to Protect Sustainability Plan

Fashion for the future. Moncler has expanded its mission in the name of sustainability and is launching a specific plan to protect the environment and people. Born to Protect represents a new era in the fashion industry

News: Vivienne Westwood & Eastpak launch “Save Our Oceans”

In cooperation with Eastpak, fashion icon and environmental activist Vivienne Westwood launched the “Save Our Oceans” collection to promote sustainability 

News: Ruinart promotes sustainable luxury in a new “dress”

The champagne house Maison Ruinart is launching a sustainable “Second Skin” bottle protector as a symbol of the new, environmentally friendly understanding of luxury 

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