The best food waste apps against food waste

With these top food waste apps you can support local businesses and prevent food waste

Food waste apps
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Author: Hanna Lina Werner

Boldly reaching for the new tea variety at the supermarket or once again missing the best-before date on your favourite yoghurt. There are an infinite number of reasons why people and companies throw away an alarming amount of food every day. Numerous food waste apps draw attention to this problem and help to ensure that less food ends up in the trash in the long term.

How food waste apps help reduce food waste

Every year, around 12 million tons of food are wasted throughout Germany. This high figure is composed of various areas. However, more than half of the food waste occurs in private households. According to the Central Food Office every German simply throws away an average of 75 kg of food per year. But restaurants and bakeries also regularly dispose of food that would still be edible.

There are now numerous food waste apps that use different approaches to try to combat food waste and encourage users to save food.

The food waste apps follow different approaches

Some provide information about leftover meals and food that users can pick up at a lower price from restaurants or other participating local stores. Others offer private consumers the opportunity to use their leftovers Foodto give away to each other.

The 8 best food waste apps against food waste

1. Too Good To Go

The name is program. The app against food waste Too good to gooffers delicious leftover boxes from local restaurants, bakeries or shops for sale shortly before closing time. Doing something good while saving and also experiencing new culinary discoveries in your own city is a real invitation to save food.

Food Waste Apps - Too good to go

Source & Copyright by Too Good To Go

2. ResQ Club

The Food Waste app works similarly to “Too Good to Go”. ResQ Club. Users can use a map in the international app to see, depending on their location, which restaurants or local businesses offer their leftover food at the end of the day for a lower price. This makes it perfect for travellingto discover great new restaurants in each city and do good at the same time.

3. Food sharing

The problem is widespread: too much was bought and now it stands Vacationor a business trip on the doorstep. The Food Waste app ensures that the excess food in the refrigerator does not develop a life of its own or even end up in the trash Food sharingits users via so-called food sharing, the opportunity to share leftover food Mapto register and give away. The groceries will then be ready for collection at an agreed time.

Food Waste App - Food Sharing
Source & Copyright by Food Sharing

4. Too good for the bin

The Too good for the binIt is an educational campaign by the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture. The app provides numerous tips on purchasing, inventory planning, shelf life and optimal storage of food. A particularly great feature are the more than 400 recipes that the app provides for using up leftover food.

5. Eat Smarter

Never have excess leftovers in the fridge again and if there is, simply cook it up - the app prevents food waste Eat Smarter. Users are provided with suitable recipes for using their own leftovers. The dishes can be filtered according to different categories. In addition to avoiding food waste, you can also eat a diet that focuses on your own health Fitnessbe aimed for.

6. Food and Drink Magazine

Who doesn't know it: various leftovers in the fridge that don't fit together and no idea what else to cook with them. The app Food and Drink Magazineoffers a variety of recipe suggestions if you want to use a certain food but still don't have a brilliant cooking idea. In this way, app users can use up leftover food and discover delicious new dishes that they might never have cooked otherwise.

7. Olio

The food waste app Olio digitally replicates the concept of food sharing. Both individuals and local businesses can offer their leftover food for pick-up in the app. This concept is perfect, as it prevents any possible bad purchases from simply ending up in the trash. What is particularly nice about this application is the combination of food rescue as well as social exchange, because often you give another person a lot of joy by giving away food.

8. Mototos

motatosis both an online shop and an app that enables its users to purchase groceries online in a cost-effective and environmentally friendly way and have them conveniently delivered to their home. The company provides a wide range of dry products, including its own brand products made from rescued ingredients. Motatos is actively committed to reducing food waste while offering its customers the opportunity to save food from going to waste while making significant savings of up to 80%.

Food Waste Apps - Motatos

Source & Copyright by Mototos

Using apps to combat food waste - a final word

Overall, the best food waste apps make a crucial contribution to combating food waste and supporting local businesses. At a time when around 12 million tons of food is wasted in Germany every year, these apps are an important resource. They offer various approaches to motivate users to save food, be it by purchasing leftover food at reduced prices, sharing food between private individuals or providing information on how to use leftover food.

One such app, Motatos, stands out for offering affordable, eco-friendly food, including own-brand products made from rescued ingredients, allowing users to make a significant contribution to reducing waste while saving their wallets.

Overall, these apps help to make our society aware of the urgent problem of food waste and to actively combat it.


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