7 popular learning apps that make you smarter

From languages ​​to meditation to classic brain training: Here are the hottest learning apps to get smarter

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Author: House of Eden

  • Learning apps for mobile phones make learning new things a breeze
  • The choice is large, from languages ​​and meditation to classic brain training
  • All of the apps presented here work perfectly even without the premium version

It has never been easier to keep the gray matter busy: There are numerous learning apps for smartphones that make us smarter with just a few minutes a day. Anyone who installs apps for learning and uses them regularly, whether on the bus, during lunch break, as a Morning routine or in the evening before going to bed, you will almost automatically become smarter. We present the 5 best apps here.

These 5 learning apps make you smarter

  1. Duolingo
  2. Headspace
  3. TED
  4. Peak
  5. Elevate
  6. getAbstract
  7. LinkedIn Learning

1. Duolingo

The language learning app Duolingo is popular with schoolchildren, students and adults alike. Dozens of languages ​​are available. Short, entertaining teaching units and sophisticated motivational mechanisms ensure that words and phrases in the new language are mastered in a very short time. Even without the premium version, you can learn a new language up to a high language level over time.

2 Headspace

Headspace has set itself the task of bringing relaxation and meditation techniques closer to stressed people. Anyone who has ever tried to relax without guidance and failed miserably will have a lot of fun with Headspace. The app is also visually appealing, offers a lot of content even in the free version and is ideal for relaxing for a few minutes a day.

3. TED

Almost everyone should have seen a TED talk at some point. And the exciting lecture videos have long been available not only on YouTube. The TED app has the knowledge of hundreds of activists, industry professionals and media gurus in your pocket. Even offline if desired, because videos can also be downloaded. Practical: New videos that you might otherwise have missed are regularly suggested on the homepage. In addition, perfect command of the English language is not necessary, as the app plays subtitles in more than 100 languages.

4 Peak

Peak is a very classic learning app that can be used to train different cognitive skills. Logic, attention, math. etc. There is a large selection. The games are a lot of fun, the integrated statistics motivate you to get even better. The premium version offers significantly more games, but the free version of the learning app is completely sufficient for in between.

5. Elevate

Elevate also offers classic brain training. The “Personal Trainer for the Brain” has around 35 games that make the synapses smoke. It has therefore already been named Apple's App of the Year. Tracking your own performance ensures clear goals and regular success stories. An annual subscription is comparatively expensive, but the free version of the learning app is sufficient for great learning experiences.

6. Get abstract

Top books for leadership development skills are summarized here. At getAbstract every summary is formatted and prepared using the same template. So you can acquire the essential content of the respective book in 10 minutes. Each executive summary includes a rating, a recommendation, top take-aways, a full executive summary, key citations, an author bio, and a link to the original source. The paid version is required.

7 LinkedIn Learning

There are over 16.000 trainings and tutorials on offer. Renowned experts speak LinkedIn Learning on business, technology and creative topics. Personalized recommendations based on specified interests, on-demand courses and interactive formats. So everyone can increase their personal learning curve. Every week there are around 50 new courses in the range. Membership is required.


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