Greentech homes: The kitchen of the future changes our food culture through innovation

Technology and innovation have changed our food culture. Now the evolution of food is about to reach a new milestone, bringing new intelligent approaches to the table, thereby upgrading our greentech homes.

Kitchen of the future
Source: Moley Robotics

Around the daily meals technical innovations are indispensable. A market worth investing in: Over the past few years, 12 has spent billions of euros in start-ups of new food service providers worldwide. Now, technologies with a holistic approach are moving into focus, changing the kitchen of the future towards a responsible food culture.

Kitchen of the future - 6 technologies that are revolutionizing our food

1.  The meat of tomorrow: Enjoy with a clear conscience

2.  The Remains Knights: Zero Waste

3.  Personalized food

4.  Home Gardening: The garden in the kitchen

5.  Assisted Cooking: The Thinking Fridge

6. Smart kitchen robot

1. The meat of tomorrow: Enjoy with a clear conscience

More and more consumers are reducing meat consumption in favor of the environment, animals and health. Thus, a wide range of vegan-vegetarian products based on plants has established itself. The taste buds of an entire generation are particularly affected by the “new meat”: a product made from legumes with vegetable-based protein that mimics the typical meat taste.

For example, burgers that taste like meat and emit 89% less greenhouse gases than conventional beef burgers can now be produced. The new actors on the scene, Beyond meat or Foods for Tomorrow, could even convince fast-food restaurants like Burger King or KFC to offer vegan alternatives. A technology that redefines our perception of meat, taking into account environmentally friendly nutrition options.

Kitchen of the future

Image source: Beyond Meat

2. The Leftovers Knight: Zero Waste

When eating, not only what is on the table is important. More than a third of the world's food ends up in garbage. Innovative apps like "ResQ Club" or "To-Good-To-Go" therefore use the latest technology to avoid food waste. By means of a smartphone, left-over food from supermarkets or restaurants can be determined at reduced prices and purchased directly. The more consumers use the platform, the greater the awareness of the extent of overproduction.

3. Personalized food

The increase in food intolerances increases the need for alternatives to fast food and mass taste. At present, therefore, a promising market is developing with personalized offers. For customized diets, HABIT for example developed a new helpful technology that uses personal data and blood values ​​to put together customized nutritional plans and recipes.

4. Greentech home gardening: The allotment for the kitchen

If you are not lucky enough to own your own garden, you can now bring the herb bed home as well. With the herb cultivator "SmartGrow" by BOSCH urban gardening upgrades greentech homes. Numerous herbs, dwarf tomatoes and edible flowers grow and thrive with the hydroponic device that does not need soil. An automatic irrigation and lighting system ensures the ideal supply for the plants for up to two weeks.

Kitchen of the future

Source: Bosh

5. Assisted Cooking

Networked technologies with intuitive operation should facilitate cooking in the future.Especially, companies like Siemens and AEG are pioneers in the field of connectivity and bring new innovations to the market and our greentech homes. These include intuitive extractor hoods that automatically control their suction power, and cooking sensors that prevent the pasta from overcooking.

In addition, connectivity within the kitchen is provided by ovens, which can be opened via voice recognition via Alexa or Google Assistant. The learning oven functions with the support of a smartphone app, the preferred roast times or cake baking preferences of its owner. The fridge of the future can thus be operated even via app on the road via the smartphone - The perfect tool for greentech homes.

6. Smart kitchen robot

A robot kitchen equipped with two robotic hands that take over the cooking completely. The innovation of Moley Robotics  2019 was even successfully presented at the Hannover Messe. At the end of 2019, the model should already be on the market. The system is linked with 2000 recipes and should also deliver the ingredients to order. The intelligent robot hands imitate the movements of cooks and thus prepare the food.

Smart solutions for the kitchen of the future and greentech homes

Technologies will therefore continue to determine our food significantly in the future. Carefully used, they can help us to develop a taste experience so that we can continue to enjoy it consciously and with all our senses. 


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