Digitization and Corona: How Covid-19 accelerates the digital future

COVID-19 makes digital networking more important than ever. We show the importance of digitization due to Corona

Digitization Covid, what happens post corona

Author: July Becker

  • Corona defines new core areas of digitization open
  • The focus is on user data, e-commerce and remote tools
  • Opportunity for companies to initiate modernization

These areas of digitization are becoming more important with COVID-XNUMX

The Corona virus changed our society and industry permanently. The consequences of the pandemic also include the fact that new core areas of the digitization be disclosed. Covid-19 enables a glimpse into a future in which local and global networking are more important than ever.

1. Sales of user data are increasing

Large US supermarkets are already increasingly selling point-of-sales data (point of sales = point of sale or purchase point at which the product is sold) to manufacturers. These react to fluctuations in demand and thus ensure a continuous supply of products for everyday needs. For example, if a particularly large amount of toilet paper is ordered online, the manufacturers can produce accordingly. It can be assumed that this process will also establish itself in other sectors, such as the fashion industry. So-called real-time availability data of products are of great interest to the user.

digitization covid

2. Use of user and health data

User and health data can be used to curb the spread of diseases. AI specialists are working to use data to predict and mitigate not only corona, but also other contagious diseases. This is already happening extensively in China and South Korea, where a health certificate must be provided when using public transport via QR code.

Researchers in the USA are also beginning to develop similar apps, such as the open source project CoEpi or Private kit the one with. The tracking of vacant hospital beds is also interesting, as a US data platform, Definitive Healthcare in partnership with Esri, is already making possible. The health sector could experience urgently needed relief through the use of user and health data. It goes without saying that the protection of user privacy is essential.

3. The e-commerce sector is booming

Although and because stores cannot open, customers shop online. The Retail sector is particularly badly affected by the crisis. And those who have previously closed themselves to online trading are now being instructed otherwise. From clothing to hygiene products to food, the e-commerce sector is booming. Smaller businesses in particular should take the plunge and offer their products online to protect themselves against crises. New target groups can also be opened up in this way. For example, many restaurants now offer ordering and delivery services online or small local shops without the possibility of e-commerce, join forces on community platforms to continue advertising their goods.

4. Remote tools such as Slack and Zoom are becoming indispensable

Working from the home office has impressively demonstrated how important tools are for collaborative remote working. Access to the Zoom video conferencing software, for example, has increased massively. Zoom is not only used in companies, but also in leisure time for the virtual dinner party or the online yoga course. Slack and Google Hangouts are also experiencing a renaissance. Companies should use the Corona crisis to permanently replace outdated communication channels with more modern solutions.


Source Slack Instagram, Copyright by Robert Samuel Hanson

COVID-XNUMX sets new digitalization priorities

Although Corona has many negative consequences, the virus also offers the opportunity to re-evaluate the numerous possibilities of digitization. Companies in every industry are encouraged to initiate modernization measures and look to a digitized future. In this way, business trips in particular can be avoided in the future and the environment can be protected.



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