The 12 best urban e-bike brands with a design factor for the city

If you want to move around the city effortlessly and in an environmentally friendly way, you should rely on urban e-bikes. We show 12 brands for stylish designer bikes

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Author: House of Eden

  • Urban e-bikes, i.e. e-bikes for the city, are an environmentally friendly alternative to Cars
  • The term e-bike refers to different types of bicycle that are Motor get supported
  • We show 12 brands that produce particularly high-quality and visually appealing urban e-bikes

In recent years, e-bikes have become a popular way to travel long distances in the city. Be it the way to work, a shopping trip or a trip to the surrounding area. The e-bike makes it possible to relax in a variety of ways Destinations to arrive without polluting the environment. All in all, urban e-bikes are a great, sustainable mobility concept for everyone - young or old - who wants to reach their destination effortlessly.

An additional plus point: The latest technologies make it possible to cleverly disguise the electric support, which is why some urban e-bikes cannot be recognized as such.

What is the difference between an e-bike and a pedelec?

In common parlance, bicycles that are supported by a motor are actually always referred to as e-bikes. However, there is a subtle and legally very important division into e-bikes and pedelecs:

  • pedelecs: E-bikes up to 25 km / h are called pedelecs (pedal electric cycle) and are legally treated like bicycles. This means: No driving license is required, there is no minimum age and no helmet requirement. An insurance number is also not necessary. The driver always has to pedal himself, the motor only has a supporting function.
  • Speed ​​pedelecs: These are Pedelecs up to 45 km/h. Important: Due to their speed, S-Pedelecs are motor vehicles and need their own insurance license plate. The minimum age for driving S-Pedelecs is 16 years. A class AM driving license and a suitable helmet are also required. In addition, it can only be ridden on the road and not on cycle paths.
  • "Real ”e-bikes: You can also drive without muscle power, at the push of a button. Up to 25 km / h they are considered a moped. The driver must have a moped test certificate if he was born after March 31.3.1965, XNUMX and is not the holder of a driving license. An insurance license plate and a suitable helmet are also mandatory.

In addition, a blood alcohol limit of 0,5 per mille applies to e-bikes and S-Pedelecs. So this is just as high as for motor vehicles. In contrast, it is slightly higher for bicycles and pedelecs. It is forbidden to transport children in trailers with the e-bike; attaching child trailers to the pedelec is not a problem.

In summary: Only Pedelecs that are handled like bicycles are really uncomplicated. People without a driving license in particular should make sure when buying an urban e-bike that it is a Pedelec. If you want to rely on manual drive, you might find an alternative in an individual one wooden bike.

What to look for when buying an urban e-bike?

There are many different types and models of e-bikes. When buying an urban e-bike, you should pay particular attention to the following elements:

Loom: The frame influences the riding style through its weight and size. It should not exceed your own height. Low-entry bikes are particularly great as urban e-bikes because you can even cycle to work with them while wearing a suit.

Engine: There are two types of drive: hub motor (also: front wheel motor) and mid-motor. The most important difference is that the mid-engine is mounted directly on the bottom bracket. It shifts the weight of the bike downwards, which is very pleasant for the riding experience. However, the mechanical abrasion also wears out the chain.

Reach: Urban e-bikes are designed for the city, which means they are ideal for shorter distances. However, there are sometimes big differences in the range of the e-bike models. Anyone who rides long distances every day should definitely make sure that the e-bike battery is up to the task.

Top 12 brands for urban e-bikes

  1. Ebike the original
  2. geero
  3. angell
  4. Rad Power Bikes
  5. Schindelhauer
  6. BZen
  7. coboc
  8. MTB Cycletech
  9. VanMoof
  10. Cowboy
  11. EconicOne
  12. amplified

1. Ebike the original

E-bikes from Ebike the original are assembled by hand in Germany. The range includes a large selection of models that differ greatly from one another in terms of price, appearance and features. There is a suitable e-bike for every requirement and every budget. Special feature: Ebike offers the original 30-year guarantee on the frames of its e-bikes.

In the e-bike test of the Dutch daily “De Telegraaf”, Ebike the Original was named the test winner in both 2018 and 2019. The German company's e-bikes can be purchased either directly via the website or from participating dealers.

2. Geero

E-bikes with a claim to sustainability and design, Made in Austria. And holistically. The concept for geero was developed and continuously optimized by two brothers, so that today the e-bikes are still manufactured in a factory in Styria that works with regional suppliers. The vision behind it: electric bicycles that represent a revolution both technically and visually. The result: Geero is not recognizable as an e-bike. The motor from our own forge and the battery are installed practically invisibly and the technology is cleverly integrated into the aluminum frame. So precise to the millimeter that the e-bikes appear slim, reduced and elegant despite the latest technology.

Gamechanger: In contrast to many other e-bikes, Geero's models weigh under 20 kilograms and have a range of up to 100 kilometers. A combination that is almost unsurpassed for this weight class. The battery can also be easily removed and charged using a conventional household socket. However, one commitment is particularly convincing: Geero has been producing in a climate-neutral manner since March 2023 and is compensating for unavoidable CO2 emissions through a climate protection project to preserve native ecosystems.

urban ebike geero

Source & Copyright by Geero

3. Angell

Innovation made in France: the Parisian e-bike angell was designed by the renowned furniture and product designer Ora ïto. Guided by its philosophy of simplicity, the urban e-bike scores with an organically curved aluminum frame in black or silver. But in addition to the look, the functionality is also impressive: With a weight of only 15,9 kilograms including battery, anti-theft device, geolocation and a range of up to 70 kilometers, Angell is at the interface of function and aesthetics.

The 2,4-inch touch display is particularly worth mentioning. This plans and shows routes, counts calories if desired and can be connected to a smartphone app. This intelligence can be used in four different modes (Eco, Drive, Fast and Free Fly without technical support) - depending on the purpose of the bike tour.

Urban electric bike

Source & Copyright by Angell

4. Wheel Power Bikes

After founder Mike Radenbaugh built his first e-bike in 2007, he continued to pursue the passion he had found with it on a small scale until 2015: e-bikes, built from conventional bicycles and personalized to the individual wishes of his customers. Then, to make the environmentally friendly mobility alternative accessible to the mainstream, Rad Power Bikes was launched for the broad market. And has experienced hyper-growth ever since, making it North America's largest electric bike brand. Including sustainable actions such as the provision of repair parts.

The key selling point is that Rad Power Bikes are not only built for everyone, but also affordable. Starting from just 1.000 euros. The brand was recognized as a pioneer by TIME, which for the first time published a list of 100 companies that have an extraordinary influence worldwide. To be precise, for leading the US e-bike market and rising to the challenge at a time of unprecedented growth.

5. Schindelhauer

Since 2009 Schindelhauer his e-bikes an eye-catcher with their minimalist design. The “Arthur” model even won the iF Gold Award: “With its new electric bike, Schindelhauer has created an excellent integrated mobility solution. Special feature: The minimalist design and the seamless integration of the front and rear lights in the handlebar and the hidden battery are simply remarkable.

The Berlin-based company currently has 10 models with a price range of 3.800 to 5.000 euros. In addition to e-bikes, Schindelhauer also produces classic bicycles that also score points with uncompromising functionality and an attractive look.

6. BZen

BZen positions its urban e-bikes as the perfect combination of traditional design and the latest technology. In addition to the intelligent battery management system, which ensures high performance with low energy consumption and is therefore ideal for city commuters, the bike also impresses with the quality feature Made in Europe. Through durable craftsmanship, stylish design, controlled added value and functional lightness.

In order to be the perfect replacement for public transport or the car, BZen offers three different models that can meet the needs of every city biker. While "Emilia" exudes the casualness of a Dutch bike in its classic design and is therefore the perfect option for relaxed tours, "Antonia" is a comfortable, modern city commuter. "Arthur" is the sportiest model, elegant and agile for city traffic.

Urban electric bike

Source & Copyright by BZen

7. Coboc

E-bikes from coboc are designed in Heidelberg. Coboc developed the battery and electronics as well as the software for its e-bikes itself so that the design of the e-bike does not have to be subordinate to the shape of the drive system. The it factor is not least due to the integration of the smartphone as an on-board computer. For example, the lighting system on the e-bike can be controlled from your mobile phone.

Coboc's range includes several product lines. The “Torino” model in particular is perfect for leisure and daily commuting. Prices start from 3.400 euros. Practical: test drives can be booked with dealers directly via the website.

8.MTB Cycletech

MTB Cycletech exists since 1983 and has expanded its range from standard bicycles to elegant and functional urban e-bikes (pedelecs and S-pedelecs). 2o2o, the Swiss company was able to take first place at German Design Award in the “Bicycles and E-Bikes” category for its MTB Cycletech model. The jury was enthusiastic about the clear design language and the well-implemented technology of the e-bike.

Urban e-bikes from MTB Cycletech are only available through e-bike dealers and not directly from the company. The prices are impressive: around 6.000 euros can be expected.

9. VanMoof

Urban e-bikes from the bicycle metropolis: Amsterdam. VanMoof Bicycles are designed for city life. Inspired by Amsterdam's busy streets, the bikes are suitable for the city, shortening commutes, deterring thieves and increasing natural pedal power. “Fast Driving” in the city. But certainly not fast bikes: VanMoof has made it its mission to produce high-quality urban e-bikes that accompany their owners for a lifetime. A clear statement against the throwaway mentality and thus for a commitment to sustainability.

The brand's service goes beyond the purchase, which is between 2.000 and 3.000 euros. The “pit crew” of industry experts can be reached via app for advice. The “Bike Hunters” track any theft using the bikes’ integrated intelligence.

10. Cowboys

Cowboy designs a particularly light, visually appealing and well thought-out urban e-bike. For this, the Belgian company also received the Red Dot Design Award Awarded in 2019. The e-bike has no frills, is available in three colors and costs just 2.300 euros. This makes it one of the cheapest e-bikes on the market. It can be downloaded directly from the website of Cowboy .

However, there are no compromises when it comes to equipment. The removable battery can be charged at any socket and has a range of up to 60 kilometers. Speed, travel time and distance can be recorded via an app. The motor support adapts to the rider's pedaling strength and provides more support when going uphill. Cowboy also offers interested parties the opportunity to take a test drive.

11. EconicOne

The brand EconicOne has set itself the goal of giving people new freedoms through high-tech e-bikes and triggering social change by providing fast and environmentally friendly mobility. This is based on a years-long research journey that has brought the latest e-technologies, innovation, quality and longevity into harmony. Representative result of this power combination: The invention of the world's first wooden bicycle with a fully electric system.

The brand currently has eight handmade models in its range ranging in price from 2.150 to 3.599 euros. Available in two to four colors, each model is suitable for a different purpose: from cross country to urban to comfort. However, the smart functions of the high-priced models are particularly interesting: GPS tracking, an app and theft alarm increase the value and safety of the bikes - which makes urban e-bikes particularly interesting for B2B in the delivery services sector.

urban electric bikes

Source & Copyright by Econic One

12. Ampler

Puristic design, "no frills", just drive. This is how it positions itself amplified as a brand that is really about offering e-bikes to make everyday life easier in an environmentally friendly way. With the athletic model “Curt” (3.190 euros), the elegant “Stout” (2.990 euros), the comfortable “Stellar” (2.990 euros) and other models, Ampler has the right option for all city drivers.

While all urban e-bikes have a range of 70 kilometers, Curt stands out in particular: At just 14,4 kilograms, the bike is a true lightweight of its kind and therefore extra city-compatible. And there are also small design hacks: for example, the battery in the frame is integrated completely invisibly.

The best urban e-bikes

This article highlighted 12 leading brands that offer high-quality technology and attractive designs. However, it is important to understand the differences between Pedelecs, S-Pedelecs and "real" e-bikes in order to make the right choice. When buying an urban e-bike, you should also pay attention to the frame, motor and range. These brands offer a wide selection to suit everyone's individual needs. Urban e-bikes are a stylish and sustainable way to get around the city, and they are suitable for anyone who values ​​comfort and environmental friendliness.


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