Eco meets innovation: UNStudio presents sustainable office tower

When architecture meets uncompromising social & ecological sustainability - UNStudio launches design for Frankfurt's NION office tower

Source & Copyright by UNStudio

Author: Julia

  • UNStudio launches design for one of the most sustainable office buildings in Germany
  • The NION concept is considered a model for architecture in harmony with ESG criteria
  • Contemporary architecture combines ecological & social sustainability

UNStudio, an international architecture and design studio based in Amsterdam, has launched the design for its latest forward-looking building project: NION. A 45.000 square meter tower that aims to enrich the Europaviertel West in Frankfurt as one of the most sustainable office buildings in Germany. This makes NION the most recent addition to the hybrid city district Europaviertel, which has been funded since 2005 in order to create a place of harmony between living, work and leisure. And since the architectural concept of the tower resource-saving technologies based, UNStudio now combines this claim with a clear focus on sustainable development.

UNStudio: Uncompromisingly resilient

It is no coincidence that UNStudio was able to win the project order. The architecture firm wants resilient as well future-proof designs design. Designs that address the needs of people and the planet. That is why they integrate innovative technologies that address both demographic changes and the climate change can react. However, the overall goal goes beyond its own projects: UNStudio wants to cultivate knowledge and inspire other companies to become technology-led Architectural and building approaches as a way to promote sustainability.


Source & Copyright by UNStudio

NION, which was designed in cooperation with the development company Groß & Partner and OKRA landscape architects, is now to become an integral part of the green city concept of Frankfurt am Main. And is thus considered an inspiration - and perhaps even a kick-off - for further sustainable construction projects in Frankfurt and throughout Germany.

UNStudio combines social & ecological sustainability

The overall concept for NION is based on holistic sustainability by taking ESG criteria into account. This means that it is not just about ecological criteria such as reducing CO2 emissions, but also about social aspects and high corporate compliance standards. In this way, NION can contribute to environmental protection while becoming a place of collaboration and well-being.

When it comes to ecological sustainability, NION is particularly concerned with a buzzword: Smart. The building is an intelligent office tower that reacts to the weather and regulates its actual needs accordingly. So he has one Photovoltaic facade, rainwater management, geothermal heating and cooling, intelligent building management, needs-based air conditioning and LED lighting as well as elevators with Energy recovery and e-charging stations with intelligent load management. Technologies that use natural and available resources such as sunlight, rainwater or geothermal energy and rely on renewable energies to protect the environment.

In addition to this aspect, UNStudio also sets new, innovative standards with regard to supporting structures. The design bureau has designed a low-carbon support structure whose components are prefabricated for construction and modular can be assembled. Flexible and on demand. However, that's not all: In line with the holistic concept, another focus of the design is on recyclable and circulatory building materials.

Green zones strengthen biodiversity and well-being

NION is also to be lushly planted. A project that represents added value in terms of both ecological and social sustainability. And something for the eyes. The tower can promote biodiversity in the urban space through the planting, while the microclimate and well-being of the users are increased at the same time.


Source & Copyright by UNStudio

In the spirit of Plananthroposcene trends UNStudio brings the green zones into the interior of the office building. It is a contemporary approach that creates a harmonious relationship between inside and outside in order to improve the quality of life and the working atmosphere. In this way, all of the interior spaces - from the green lobby and planted office floors to the roof gardens - integrate green room concepts. Concepts that are explicitly designed to promote communication, get-togethers and knowledge sharing.

In addition to ecological and social effects, however, the green zones also contribute to the effect of the architectural design. NION consists of two overlapping volumes, whose dynamic geometry is emphasized by the expansive greenery.

NION: A statement why the construction industry should see green

UNStudio's design is cause for excitement. On the expansion of the city district, but also on the development of the construction industry in general. After all, the design office has proven that sustainable and social aspects bring added value to contemporary architecture. In terms of climate protection, biodiversity, quality of life and even aesthetics.


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