Green future powered by design - Green Trend Book 2021

The first round of applications for the Green Product and Green Concept Award 2022 has started - The Green Trend Book offers a sneak peek of what to expect

Green Trend Book 2021 GPA
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Author: Vivien Vollmer

Green future powered by design - be there in 2022

The first round of the Green Product and Green Concept Award 2022 is currently taking place. Candidates can now submit their applications until 1. November. Already launched products, concepts and services that lead to a better market in the areas of sustainability, design and innovation will then be evaluated and awarded by the jury. As Haus von Eden, we are proud to be part of the jury this year.

Sneak peek with the Green Trend Book

The award shows that a sustainable future is being driven by green trends. The Green Trend Book reveals how many different directions this green future is taking. For this purpose, it unpacks its most comprehensive edition 2021 and provides insights of the sustainable future trends as well as the expertise of international experts for the eighth time.

Modern design is driven by innovation and inspiration. The next generation of the design community has the opportunity to break the status quo and create a more sustainable and resilient world. Through the book, the impulses of experts and companies will be passed on to inspire a green movement.

Source & Copyright by GPA

12 trends for a sustainable world

As part of the award ceremony for the "Green Product & Green Concept Award" the Green Trend Book has divided all nominated concepts, solutions and products into twelve categories. This means 100 concepts, 100 solutions to be discovered. In this way, a dozen innovative and sustainable trends for a more conscious future are presented and identified on approx. 240 pages. We give you an appetiser with 5 exciting trend topics:

    1. Circular material
    2. Craftmanship
    3. Mobility
    4. Architecture & Tiny Houses
    5. Workspace

1. Circular materials

Materials are essential and are needed for almost everything. To equip them for the future, alternatives to conventional raw materials should be sought. The goal is to bring them into a circulation by making them recyclable.

caling, shredding and skinning are the trend movements and are more sustainable than they sound. Scaling is the most obvious. Shredding refers to the upcycling of existing materials by first breaking them down into their individual parts. Skinning, for example, means producing material innovations from waste products of the food industry such as bananas or onions and integrating them into the production cycle.

2. Handicraft

While mass production in low-cost countries continues to be a major economic driver, craftsmanship is experiencing a reboot as a sign of quality and individuality. For this, technology and design combine to create modern craftsmanship. Collaboration plays a major role in this. That is why co-working spaces are becoming central platforms. Not only knowledge and spaces, but also equipment can be shared and exchanged, which reduces CO2 emissions in the long term.

3. Mobility

The mobility trendis on a steep upward trend and is bringing many new alternatives to the market. Here, the new options must first limit old damage. However, pioneering solutions dissolve undiscovered energy sources and motivate, because the range of innovations is not yet exhausted. Thus, mobility can pursue its goal of connecting people and thus also contribute to a positive social impact in society. 

4. Architecture & Tiny Houses

The home has come into focus and gained new importance over the past year. Modern architecture is concerned with the question of how houses can grow with the needs of their inhabitants. Modular concepts are supposed to provide answers to this. In addition, the trend of tiny houses is growing out of the niche and into the mainstream, creating a new awareness for sustainable living and property.

5. Workspace

Sustainable solutions are not only sought at home and in our private lives. Green work environments in particular can be role models. Furthermore, flexible and sustainable workspaces offer a higher quality of life. This improves health, but also increases productivity, which is why all actors in the workplace should strive for a sustainable atmosphere.

A special project for an unusual year

In addition, the book contains another premiere: The Double Loop Project - the first project in the field of fashion in collaboration with students from AMD Berlin and the Royal College of Art. For this, the students and Nils Bader, the founder of the Green Future Club, dealt with the topic of the circular wardrobe in the home office.

The Green Trend Book shows a better future

Networks of experts, sustainable entrepreneurs, visionaries and sustainable actors are important engines for innovative sustainability. The Green Trend Book unites all those involved and shows an interesting outlook. The book is now available in English as a limited print edition.


Always informed about the latest lifestyle trends, architecture, design & interior, as well as current technologies around sustainability.

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