Heimtextil Trends 2021/22: "Nothing New, Everything New"

Heimtextil is a trendsetter and trend barometer for the textile industry. 2021 is considered the kickstart for a sustainable and digitized future

Heimtextile Messe Frankfurt Trends 2021-2022

Author: Katharina Healing

The Home Textile is the largest international trade fair for home and contract textiles. Every year, international trade visitors - from designers to retailers to architects - are inspired by the trends and textile innovations of renowned industry giants as well as promising newcomers. This will be no different at Heimtextil from May 4th to 7th next year. But more important than before.

Heimtextil 2021/22: initiator for the restart after the crisis

Because of the pandemic, the world has almost stood still for the past few months. Socially as well as economically. As the first trade fair in 2021, Heimtextil is now considered an official restart after the lockdown. As a re-start of direct dialogue between suppliers and manufacturers, cross-industry experts and newcomers, economic activity and normalcy in general.

Heimtextil 2021 will be the official season opening for textile trends. It will be the stage for new developments and preferences in the interior scene that will have a significant impact on the coming financial year.

"Nothing New, Everything New"

Together with the Heimtextil "Trend Council", those responsible for the trade fair have worked out precisely this trend forecast that gives impulses. The overall trend theme: "Nothing New, Everything New". The trend topic is based on insights and expectations regarding the future of the industry. What will be new in the next season? After all, the lifestyle industry is fast moving, reacts to trends and constant changes in culture and society. And this reaction, in turn, is what creates new lifestyle products, manifests itself in them and dictates how we will furnish ourselves tomorrow.

According to the official Heimtextil press release, "Nothing New, Everything New" is an answer to the modern demands that our society places on products. While textiles and consumer goods were previously bought out of necessity, they advanced to lifestyle products in the 20th century. To products that do not have to fulfill a specific purpose, but rather should give temporary pleasure. This leisure-oriented consumer behavior is now being reconsidered. On the side of the consumer as well as the industry: Existing systems are questioned and new customer needs arise, which creates new ways of working. "Nothing New, Everything New" marks progressive ways of thinking and the kick-off of a more responsible textile industry.

Home Textile

Photographer: Andreas Houmann

The crisis as a driver of innovation

The corona pandemic represents one of the greatest - if not the greatest - challenges for industry and trade of our century. In addition to the disadvantages of restricted mobility and activity, positive potential can still be found in the crisis. It is digitalization and sustainability that have come into focus due to the crisis and promise innovative solutions for the future.

As a result of the crisis, the two topics are now gaining in importance in the textile industry and are establishing themselves as the currently omnipresent innovation topics. This is how the status quo is rethought. In the direction of more transparency, more efficient data and communication exchange and environmental protection. As a source of inspiration and opinion maker in the industry, Heimtextil gives an overview.

Heimtextil focuses on sustainability

The fair itself will also do justice to the innovation topic of sustainability. After the premiere in January 2020, the upcoming Heimtextil will again be the stage for the "Future Material Library". A collection of as yet unknown material innovations from around the world is presented here in order to highlight their properties and potential. The goal: to deepen experimental approaches and revolutionary ways of thinking.

And the Trend Space - the place where the trends are presented - is designed to be sustainable. Based on the "Material Manifesto" Heimtextil and the International Trend Council, the designers committed themselves to an environmentally friendly design of the Trend Space. It is about intelligent material selection, minimizing waste and recycling in order to keep the CO2 footprint as low as possible.

These are Heimtextil Trends 21/22

When it comes to trends, things continue to be sustainable. In the Trend Space, visitors to Heimtextil will find a staging of new colors, materials and designs - divided and curated into 4 trend worlds: "Repurpose", "Rewild", "Reinforce" and "Revive". And thus trend worlds that meet the demands of longevity, environmental protection and quality.


This trend world raises the question of what can be created from existing fabrics. It's about a retelling of product development in the textile industry. The principle: more use of used materials instead of a classic design process that begins with the acquisition of new raw materials. In this way, the used is given a new purpose, the supposedly unusable is appreciated, valued and reused. In view of the recycling and upcycling trends, this is a significantly future-oriented trend.


Photographer: Andreas Houmann


Back to nature. This trend aims to restore the relationship to nature that was lost in the postmodern world. This enables people to understand and use the ecosystem in which they live. The goal: to learn from nature, rediscover natural resources and apply them in a modern context. So the potential and the treasures of nature are celebrated in "Rewild". And inspire to find sustainable and regenerative solutions for product development to enrich the industry.


Photographer: Andreas Houmann


"The atmosphere of" Reinforce "is simple and bold, the look is honest, robust and minimalist," says Heimtextil. Inspired by the functionality and durability of Scandinavian design, this trend world stands for solid textiles, the strengthening of materials and eternity - an aspect that in turn promotes sustainability.

Home Textile

Photographer: Andreas Houmann


Creative work without rules: "Revive" reflects our times. Instead of following the result-oriented norm, "the aim of the trend", according to Heimtextil, is "emotional pacification during creation, experimentation and learning". In touch with one's own skills, the Trend Space is intended to revive and appreciate the flow state of a creative process in people. Results are secondary. Particularly environmentally friendly: The act of repairing is celebrated as a creative method and thus makes a statement against the throw-away mentality.


Photographer: Andreas Houmann

Heimtextil: hygiene and safety concept

Due to the pandemic, Messe Frankfurt has developed a comprehensive hygiene and safety concept in coordination with the authorities. It will always be possible to maintain a safety distance of 1.50 meters.



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