Top XNUMX online platforms for second hand furniture

Second hand furniture is a great way to give your home a unique and sustainable interior upgrade. Here, you can find the best online shops for high-quality, pre-owned design classics, unique vintage items and special treasures

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Author: Sarah Marie Lau

and second handConsumption is a simple way to bring more sustainability and awareness into everyday life. Second hand is not only about second hand clothing Or in other words: furniturecan be wonderfully and conveniently purchased online. Particularly unique items can be found here. Whether individually handmade, real vintageClassic or modern brands, many online platformsoffer something for everyone.

We did some research and found the best online platforms for second hand furniture. Discover our recommendations and insider tips in order to find your perfect match in the matter of second hand furniture platforms as well as vintage pieces.

Why buy second hand furniture online?

  • Support sustainability and protect resources
  • Discover unique furniture and originals
  • Save some money
  • Enjoy some shopping - even during lockdown

Top 5 online platforms for second hand furniture

  1. 1stDibs
  2. Used Design
  3. Etsy
  4. eBay


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1. 1stDibs

1stDibs is one of the global market leaders for outstanding second hand furniture. The curated selection of valuable designer pieces stands out because of the almost flawless condition of the unique items, while the online experience brings the elegant vibe of a Parisian flea market to the own four walls. Original vintage classics, treasures and exceptional rarities are to be found here. Or in other words: furniture with a claim for luxury that is otherwise hard to come by, is easily discovered.

Often, the platform even includes the furniture's original certificates in order to guarantee the object's authenticity. Another quality assurance is that XNUMXstDibs always proofs and verifies the selected sellers which they represent. Only after passing their tests, they qualify as high standard sellers. Here, buyer protection and globally insured shipping naturally is part of the service.

Tip: Use the smart and very precisely adjustable search function. Its is also advisable to directly contact the dealers - it is often possible to negotiate better prices or to find offerings of especially valuable rarities.

2. Used Design

Used Design is the largest platform for pre-owned designer furniture in German-speaking countries. Here, you can find original designer furniture from well-known brands such as Vitra, Artek or Wittman in mint condition. However, up to 75% cheaper. In this way, one can find amazing furniture in modern eco design.

The idea behind the platform was to sell designer furniture from the storage and archives of furniture stores on a sustainable basis. Now, also private persons can sell their original second hand furniture online. With an additional service offering for transport processing, an escrow service and even care products, Used Design offers an all-round package that cannot be found anywhere else.

Tip: Submit a request to find very special pieces. Thereby, the sale is processed directly with the seller in order to agree on a good price as well as ensure a guarantee, while Used Design only functions as the intermediary.

3. Etsy

Etsy is one of the largest platforms and also known for handmade goods as well as works of art. However, you can also buy beautiful second hand furniture. Especially, so-called flipped pieces, which means that original pieces have been restored, or rather upcycled, as well as artistically modified. Therefore, you can find particularly unique pieces on Etsy, for example in the infamous boho style to bring a special and cosy charm to your home.

Often, the dealers offer the opportunity to customize pieces according to individual wishes. All in all, Etsy helps small traders to bring their special and handcrafted goods to the market and has committed itself to compensate all CO2 emissions through balance payments.

Tip: Be open-minded and inspirational when searching for special second hand furniture on Etsy. Get in touch with the sellers personally in order to order custom-made products according to your ideas. If you give the dealers good and detailed ratings, you might also help them establish their business more professionally in the future.

4. eBay

The - probably - best known bargain hunter platform is also very suitable for buying second hand furniture. With a specific search, you can also find a lot of high quality furniture here. Sometimes it is worthwhile to get something with potential and give something old a creative upcycling upgrade after buying.

Tip: It is worthwhile to see the potential in second hand furniture and to take care of small repairs and embellishments yourself. Take your time to refine your search with specific search terms. Put the furniture you want on the watch list in order to negotiate the best price. Also, furniture that is similar will be suggested to you.


At, you can find local classified ads that can be sorted by city and further by district. You can find weird, crazy and very special second hand furniture online and buy it locally. Thereby, supports local businesses and people on site. In this way, emissions are saved due to shorter transport routes and some furniture can even be looked at on site.

Tip: Use the on-site collection to look at the furniture again, to check the quality and to take measurements. Pay attention to high-quality furniture, so you can enjoy it for a particularly long time or you can sell the furniture again if changes are made.

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