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Sustainability in the hotel industry - expression of an exclusive lifestyle

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Author: Sidney Kadziolka

From today's perspective, experiences have replaced opulence as the symbol and currency of the luxury world. The turning away from obvious luxury is clearly manifested in the orientation towards new values, which are not about having, but about being. Consumer goods are losing importance compared to immaterial values ​​such as self-realization and quality of life. However, even these new types of luxury only apply under one premise: the imperative of sustainable values. The five-star hotel "The Fontenay" in Hamburg effortlessly combines these demands of new luxury and proves that sustainability does not have to be an exception in the hotel industry, but can be an expression of an exclusive lifestyle.

A tribute to the Hanseatic city

The area of Luxury hotels is located directly on the south-western bank of the Alster in Hamburg. The place where national and international guests can immerse themselves in the lifestyle of modern Hamburg. Surrounded by classic old buildings in the Wilhelminian style, spacious parks and the city's trendy district, the City Resort seamlessly combines the cosmopolitan lifestyle of the Hanseatic city with its natural charm.

The architecture of the superior house was also inspired by the Hanseatic motto. The renowned Hamburg architect Jan Stromer created the first drafts of his “Hotel im Park” under the heading “Modern Classic”. Guided by the design maxim of creating a balance between urbanity and nature, the organic silhouette blends seamlessly into the Alster landscape and thanks to its primarily glass facade, always gives the impression of being in the middle of nature. The special feature: The organic form results from three merging circles, so that The Fontenay has no back and is surrounded by greenery and flooded with light from all sides.

The circle as a form can also be found in the interior design. Due to the fact that the facades are either concave or convex in shape, each piece of designer furniture had to be individually handcrafted as a one-off. In addition, the color scheme, which reflects its surroundings with light beige tones, warm white nuances and green and royal blue accents, rounds off the planthroposcene or urban nature design approach.

Source & Copyright by Fontenay

Think hospitality sustainably - sustainability in the Fontenay

However, The Fontenay is not only inspired by nature. The five-star hotel wants to protect and preserve nature through its sustainable commitments. Sustainability is therefore considered a company maxim for the daily behavior of the employees and the services of the luxury hotel. Notable examples of this commitment can be identified in five areas: hotel technology, housekeeping, purchasing, kitchen and mobility.

Hotel technology

The hotel technology is an important pillar of the sustainability strategy. The hotel operates all ventilation systems and air conditioning systems with heat recovery, uses only LED lights, regulates power consumption using peak-load management, uses the latest water technology and uses 60% green electricity. Extra plus point: Smart green tech hacks such as a building automation system for controlling the systems and functions for building air conditioning using outside temperatures lead to considerable energy savings.


Housekeeping not only promises clean and tidy suites, but also that you can enjoy them with a clear conscience. For this luxury, the Fontenay only uses environmentally friendly and biodegradable cleaning agents that protect both the environment and your health. In addition, guests are free to take responsibility, as they decide when bed linen and towels should be changed.


In purchasing, The Fontenay focuses on regional products and bulk orders in order to avoid unnecessary delivery routes and thus minimize its CO2 emissions. And the production of waste is also minimized by returning outer packaging such as Styrofoam or fruit and vegetable crates to suppliers for reuse.


In the kitchen, the premium hotel promotes sustainability through the use of the latest technologies. Induction cookers and a smart, demand-controlled kitchen exhaust air system, which only starts when cooking is high, drastically reduce the energy consumption compared to conventional appliances. In addition, The Fontenay makes a clear statement against food waste: food waste such as stale bread is donated to Hagenbeck's zoo.


When it comes to mobility, The Fontenay primarily convinces with its offers for alternative means of transport. The green location of the hotel invites you to leave your car behind and explore the area on foot or by bike from the hotel's rental shop. If you want to live motor fun and sustainability, you can also use one of the e-parking spaces in the underground car park.

Source & Copyright by Fontenay

Examples of new luxury in the hospitality industry

The result of all these commitments is an all-round luxurious experience that meets the demands of the sustainable development of our society. Be it an elegant breakfast in the Parkview garden restaurant, an afternoon tea in the 27-metre-high Atrium Lounge, a fine dining experience in the Lakeside gourmet restaurant or wellness in the spa above the city's rooftops, followed by a drink on the hotel's roof terrace. The Fontenay combines five-star luxury with sustainability and sets a relevant example for the future of the hospitality industry.


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