Book Club: TrendBook Forecast 2022 | 23 - Retro, Organic Materials, New Minimalism

These 5 macro trends offer inspiration for interior design, accessories, fashion, colors and textures in 2022/23

TrendBook Forecast 2022 | 23
Source & Copyright by TrendBook Forecast 2022/23

Author: Vivien Vollmer

2022 is the year for all design lovers, experts and courageous trendsetters

The TrendBook Forecast 2022/23 offers 150 pages of inspiration on the subject of design as well as 5 macro and 12 micro trends. The trends also show: Sustainability in combination with design can be implemented! Nowadays it is said with mood boards, color combinations and Furnishing ideasto master the subtleties of design.

The TrendBook strongly visually encourages you to reinterpret your own four walls. In addition, sophisticated research reveals the impulses of the new trends and provides insights into current styles, shaped by social currents. Fine details as well as high quality, which lead to the optimally luxurious look. The book tells the modern lifestyle with the latest fashion and interior trends.

Interior trends 2022 forecast

Source & Copyright by TrendBook Forecast 2022/23

It's coming again: an explosion of colors and the courage to use patterns in a retro style

Innovation does not immediately mean a complete novelty, but also the thought of creating something new from the incentives of the past. Because design always transforms forgotten trends into new, imaginative ideas. Thus, the 70s and 90s inspire future fashion and interior design.

Curves, rich colors and loud patterns set the new tone. These trends come with swing and liveliness and bring the flow of creativity. Furthermore, these trends offer the opportunity to search the basement or attic. Perhaps you will find forgotten items of clothing and furniture that are labeled as Retro look can be brought back to life again.

Interior trends 2022 forecast

Source & Copyright by TrendBook Forecast 2022/23

Wellness and serenity with nature and minimalism

If the last year has shown us one thing, it is how important it is to feel good in your own home. The TrendBook illustrates how you can work with organic materials and the New minimalism Bring calm and harmony into life. By bringing nature in, we create our own oasis of relaxation. These megatrends help you concentrate on the essentials.

Details and craftsmanship turn products, clothing or furniture into works of art with heart and soul. With thoughtful consumption we can express our personality and enjoy the new parts for years.

Interior trends 2022 forecast

Source & Copyright by TrendBook 2022/23

About the authors:
The TrendBook Forecast 2022/23 was compiled by a dynamic, multidisciplinary team. Experts from the fields of design, development and strategy have come together to discover global markets and share their experiences with consumers. It is available here.


Always informed about the latest lifestyle trends, architecture, design & interior, as well as current technologies around sustainability.

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