Wallmakers House: Award-winning architecture with a sense of sustainability

Vinu Daniel is considered an architectural pioneer. His Wallmakers house Shikhara shows how he is revolutionizing modern house construction in the long term

Wallmakers sustainable architecture
Source & Copyright by Wallmakers

Author: July Becker

  • Wallmakers wants to get away from cement, back to nature
  • Founder Vinu Daniel is an award-winning Indian architect with a sense of the unusual
  • The Shikhara residence in Pothencode, Kerala, is probably his most impressive work

Clay is a sustainable, durable and, above all, natural material. For a long time it was the material of choice for mankind's first settlements. Meanwhile, however, only less than 30 percent of the world's population live in Houses made of clay. Vinu Daniel, founder of Wallmakers, would like to get the focus back on natural materials direct for the construction of buildings. Away from cement and depressing gray tones, back to earth-colored nature. For breathtaking architectural masterpieces All Daniel needs is clay, water and garbage. Wallmakers defines waste as “everything that has been produced, used and then removed from its original function”.

sustainable architect

Source & Copyright by Wallmakers

Vinu Daniel, founder of Wallmakers

Vinu Daniel completed his Bachelor of Architecture from the College of Engineering in Trivandrum in 2005 and then worked with the Auroville Earth Institute for the construction of the UNDP (United Nations Development Program). After that, in 2007, the young Indian architect founded his company Wallmakers. Inspired and driven by the consequences of climate change, he has been building award-winning, sustainable houses and buildings ever since. Namely, so stable that they can easily withstand the conditions of their tropical environment.

Shikhara: The sustainable wallmakers house in India

His most impressive work is probably Shikhara, a residence in Pothencode, Kerala. The walls were erected exclusively from the materials that the site has available. The rocky terrain contains pebbles and rubble, which is why it was actually not suitable for the production of adobe bricks. That is why Daniel developed the patented “Shuttered Debris Wall” wall construction technique. This technique involves mixing cement, soil, and scrap materials of various sizes together to form a strong wall.

sustainable architecture

Source & Copyright by Wallmakers

Full of light and in warm earth tones, Shikhara exudes calm, comfort and timeless elegance. As well as uncompromising sustainability, because even the decor and furniture are made from waste products.


Source & Copyright by Wallmakers



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