Wooden bike: The durable eye-catcher for urban life

Popular wooden bicycles made from natural resources offer many advantages and are in no way inferior to conventional competitors in terms of design 

wooden bike
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Author: House of Eden

In recent years, the wooden bicycle has become increasingly popular due to its environmentally friendly attributes. The use of natural materials and various types of wood provides a sturdy and sustainable option for bicycles. Here you can find out everything about the new trend and our favorite brands for high-quality and stylish wooden bicycles.

Is a wooden bike more sustainable?

A wooden bike offers many advantages and here are 5 reasons to buy a wooden bike:

  1. Sustainability: Wood is a renewable, renewable and natural raw material
  2. Longevity: With proper care, wood is durable, strong and repairable. A wooden bicycle can certainly be passed on to the next generation
  3. Uniqueness: The wooden bicycle is unique and individual, since it is mostly handmade, no wooden bicycle is like the other and it can be made to measure
  4. Comfort: The smooth running is a particularly big advantage, because wood absorbs vibrations and impacts better than other materials and remains robust and steadfast
  5. Aesthetics: The warm and elegant aesthetic of wood makes wooden bicycles an absolute eye-catcher

Different types of wood for bicycles

Wooden bicycles can be made from different types of wood. Bamboo is particularly suitable because a bamboo frame is light and can withstand much weight. The cell structure makes the bamboo wood rigid and robust but also flexible and pliable at the same time. The bamboo bicycle is therefore cushioning and can dampen vibrations. The bamboo bike can be maintained with a damp cloth and bamboo cleaner or vegetable oils. Furniture polish or special bamboo oils are also ideal for varnished bamboo.

The wood type ash also offers great strength and high elasticity for the wooden frame. Its cell structure is particularly strongly structured by long fibers. Dirt can be easily removed with a soft, damp cloth. The wood can also be cared for with natural oils and wood wax.

Top brands for the sustainable wooden bicycle

  1. My donkey
  2. Material Bikes
  3. Early Rider Bonsai (kids)
  4. My Boo
  5. monotauk
  6. TimberWolf

1. My donkey

The sustainable wooden bicycles from My donkeyare produced regionally in Austria. The latest wooden model is called "E-cross PRO": E-bike and wooden bicycle at the same time. The models can also be adapted to individual dimensions. The bicycle frame made of certified wood has a high level of strength and absorbs vibrations and shocks for particularly smooth running. In addition, the bike with a weight of approx. 22 kg is a lightweight among wooden bikes. The design of My Esel has received various awards, such as the German Design and Eurobike Awards.

wooden bicycle my donkey

Source & Copyright by My Donkey

2. Materia Bikes

Material Bikes offers a total of seven different models for the wooden bicycle. These are divided into four categories: city bikes, race bikes, urban bikes and a limited edition. The frames of the wooden bikes are hollow and lightweight while offering durability and performance. There is also a 5-year guarantee on all wooden bicycles. They are handmade within 72 hours of ordering and are therefore unique.

Materia Bikes wooden bike

Source & Copyright by Materia Bikes

3. Early Rider Bonsai

For children it is Early rider bonsaiparticularly suitable. This wooden balance bike is versatile and suitable for both urban and rough terrain. Its frame is made mostly of birch and corrosion-resistant aluminum. It is environmentally friendly due to its durability, ride quality, and conscious manufacturing practices, which reduce its carbon footprint.

wooden bikes early rider bonsai

Source & Copyright by Early Rider

4. My Boo

For the wooden bike offers My Boo a particularly large variety. E-bikes, city bikes, fitness bikes as well as road and mountain bikes are offered. The bicycle frames are also available individually. The frames of the wooden bicycles are made of bamboo, which comes from Ghana. Production takes place locally in Kiel. Every purchase of a My Boo wooden bicycle therefore finances a school in Ghana with 500 children. The social wooden bicycles have received the Cycle Award, among others.


Source & Copyright My Boo


Sustainable wooden bicycles from Montauk are made of ash or black walnut wood. The bicycle frames are particularly light due to the hollow construction. The company offers a racing bike model of the wooden bicycle, which can be custom-made upon request. The manufacturing process for this unique piece can therefore take up to 12 weeks.

wooden bicycles montauk

Source & Copyright by Montauk

7. Timber Wolf

TimberWolf Lightweight produces wooden bicycles from different types of wood. Birch plywood, ash or walnut are used. These woods are known for their shock resistance and robustness. By using several types of wood with low density, the combination is particularly light. Here, too, the perfect fit for consumers is made on request.

wooden bicycle handmade Timber wolf

Source & Copyright by TimberWolf

Wooden bicycles are a sustainable alternative

Wooden bicycles are often assembled with a special glue, which ensures a very robust stability. In addition, the bike has a special finish, which makes the sustainable wooden bike usable in all weather conditions. As with conventional bicycles, there are no limits with wooden bicycles. The handmade bicycles are available in different models and sizes. There is also something for children.

Before making a purchase, it's important to note that wooden bikes can be heavier than traditional bikes and require slightly different care. But they are durable and offer increased comfort with vibration damping. So if you are looking for a sustainable and unique alternative to getting around, then the wooden bicycle is for you.

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