World Bee Day: A campaign for species protection, biodiversity and people

World Bee Day aims to raise awareness about protecting bees. We show why species conservation is relevant every day of the year

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Happy World Bee Day! To raise awareness of the importance of pollinators and bees, the UN General Assembly has May 20th World Bee Dayappointed. In doing so, she underlines the problem of the decline in the global bee population and thus demands more Protectionfor the small farm animals. This protection against bee mortality is not only important for the conservation of the species, but also for society as a whole.

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World Bee Day - an action day for more biodiversity and less hunger

Although bees are primarily known to provide us humans with sweet honey, they are primarily an important player in our ecosystem. As pollinators, they are essential for plants and the quality of crops. In this sense, their threat also poses a threat to biodiversity, which is why they are elementary for the conservation of biodiversity.

Also in the (agricultural) economicBees play a key role in production. The farm animals are used for the natural and economical production of fruit and vegetables. This is how they determine the harvest yield: a total of 75% of global food crops and 35% of agricultural land worldwide depend on the pollination of bees. This means that a third of all human food is lost from protection by bees. Accordingly, actions against bee deaths can make a major contribution to solving problems relating to global and sustainable food supply and hunger in emerging and developing countries.


Bee engaged

Since the corona virus also affects the market and production in the beekeeping sector, the existence of many beekeepers is at stake. To counteract this, World Bee Day is devoted to bee products and services this year. Therefore, under the motto "Bee Engaged" virtual eventinstead, which highlights the importance of traditional beekeeping and the benefits of using bee products. So you can to become active.

More and more brands are taking positive action to protect bees

Due to the increasing social interest in sustainable as well as people and animal friendly behavior of companies, brands react with responsible commitments. On the occasion of the World Bee Day, two collections from different industries can be particularly emphasized.

1. KPM Berlin - The To-Go Wild Bee Edition


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One key challenge is Royal Porcelain Manufactory Berlinlaunches a special edition of their sustainable to-go mug. This is dedicated to the protection of species and nature. The cups are decorated with wild bees and flowers - an idea by two master painters from the manufactory who dedicated their private garden in Berlin to the protection of these two species. By launching the collection, KPM supports the commitment of its employees and acts socially. In cooperation with “Deutschland buzzes!”, An initiative of the Foundation for Humans and the Environment, 20 euros are donated to the conservation of species for each mug sold.

2. Takashi Murakami x PANGAIA

world bees day

Source & Copyright by Pangaia

The exceptional Japanese artist Takashi Murakami, who has already collaborated with Louis Vuitton, and the sustainable label PANGIA, which celebrities like Pharrell Williams is among his fans, have teamed up to celebrate World Bee Day. To support bee protection, they designed a joint collection consisting of 4 capsule pieces. These are launched together with the "Bee the Change Fund". The fund is a further collaboration with Milkywire, a platform for the conservation of endangered species worldwide.

The collection consists of recycled hoodies and 100% GOTS-certified and non-toxic T-shirts. Available in "Cobalt Blue", "Off White", "Orchid Purple" and "Saffron Yellow", each piece is decorated with Murakamis signature motifs. Brightly colored laughing flowers or balls made of flowers are supposed to embody positive change and have been supplemented with the illustration of a bee on the occasion. On the back of the parts there is also a statement about the extent to which bees support our ecosystem.


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