White hydrogen discovery in France: Positive prospects for climate protection

In September 2023, white hydrogen was found during drilling work in France - is this the solution to the climate crisis?


Author: House of Eden

  • In September 2023, an underground deposit of hydrogen was discovered in Lorraine, France, while drilling to determine the concentration of methane in the ground
  • White hydrogen, created by reforming natural gas and occurring naturally, could be a cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to other hydrogens
  • Can white hydrogen meet the increasing demand in industries such as aviation and shipping, which is difficult with only green hydrogen?

In September 2023, researchers in Lorraine, France, came across a promising discovery: a previously undiscovered underground hydrogen deposit. Initial drilling to analyze methane concentrations revealed this rare resource. The discovery of white hydrogen could potentially make a significant contribution to the future of energy supply.

What is white hydrogen?

White hydrogen is a type of hydrogen produced when natural gas or other hydrocarbons are reformed. The different colors of hydrogen indicate how it was produced: green hydrogen is produced using renewable energy, while gray hydrogen is produced from natural gas and requires a lot of CO2. The color "white" means that the hydrogen occurs naturally and was therefore not produced artificially.

Is this the salvation in the climate crisis?

Conventional hydrogen has already successfully replaced fossil fuels in some areas of aviation and shipping. Unfortunately, the production of this hydrogen is still quite harmful to the environment, as pure green hydrogen alone cannot cover all demand. White hydrogen offers a solution: it is cheap (less than one euro per kilo) and environmentally friendly because it does not have to be produced. The question remains whether it can fully meet demand and make a significant contribution to environmental reduction.


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