Google Earth time-lapse shows effects of climate change in action

New Google Earths Timalapse feature shows effects of climate change

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Author: House of Eden

  • Google Earth time-lapse shows changes caused by climate change and urbanization since 1984
  • Visualization uses millions of satellite images to represent global changes
  • Open tool for science and anyone who wants to understand the changing nature of our planet

Google Earth has updated its time-lapse feature, now allowing users to visualize the effects of climate change and urbanization since 1984. This interactive tool names Timelapse is based on millions of satellite photos and offers insights into almost four decades of planetary changes.

Global visualization of dynamic earth changes

From the emergence of irrigation systems in Egypt's deserts to wildfires in California's Lassen National Forest, you can use Google Earth's time-lapse to follow the development of the earth in different parts of the world. In addition, it shows how cities are adapting to climate change, such as the construction of offshore wind farms in Denmark and large solar plants in Spain.

The platform offers an extensive library of over 800 time-lapse videos for more than 300 locations worldwide. It serves as a valuable resource for scientists, educators, and anyone seeking a deeper understanding of how our planet is changing.

Technological feat for understanding climate change

The impressive "video mosaic", made up of 24 million satellite images, is the result of more than two million hours of computing on the Google Cloud. Google Earth's time-lapse feature underscores Google's commitment to making the effects of climate change and urbanization understandable through technology.

From observing the melting Columbia Glacier in Alaska to urbanization progress in Berlin, Google Earth's time-lapse provides an immersive and informative look at our ever-changing planet.

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