MycoWorks announces the first harvest of its leather alternative Fine Mycelium™

Fine Mycelium™ sets new standards in the production of leather alternatives and is a groundbreaking step for the future of sustainable fashion

Fine Mycelium Cover
Source & Copyright by MycoWorks

Author: House of Eden

  • MycoWorks announces the first successful harvest of its innovative biomaterial and is already shipping the freshly harvested leaves to partner tanneries.
  • Fine Mycelium™, based on innovative mushroom mycelium technology, is vegan mycelium leather without plastic additives and sets new standards in the environmentally friendly production of leather alternatives.
  • MycoWorks highlights the impressive scale of Fine Mycelium™ production and presents Reishi as a key showcase for a sustainable fashion future.

Renowned biotechnology company MycoWorks has announced the first successful harvest of its innovative leather alternative biomaterial, Fine Mycelium™. The freshly harvested leaves are already on their way to the company's partner tanneries in various parts of Europe, which use them to produce innovative vegan leather products.

Fine Mycelium™ – the revolutionary leather alternative

Fine Mycelium™ is based on an innovative technology that creates a luxurious vegan mycelium leather from the mycelium of mushrooms. Mycelium describes the thread-like cells of a fungus that are only visible under microscopic observation. Unlike other leather variants produced from biomaterial, where plastics have to be added for performance reasons, Fine Mycelium™ remains free of additives. It therefore represents a pure, mushroom-based root network. Thanks to its authentic look and tactile feel, mycelium leather can successfully replace both animal leather and plastic-based biomaterials. The environmentally friendly production of this material sets new standards in conventional leather production.

MycoWorks only began commercial-scale production last year at a facility in South Carolina, USA. However, it was recently announced that the first 1000 leaves had been successfully mined and shipped to partner companies.

Pioneering successes: Rapid scaling of mycell production

The impressively rapid scaling of Fine Mycelium™ production is the result of three years of research and development work in the MycoWorks pilot plant. The experiences and insights from this phase were successfully incorporated into production. The company proudly emphasizes that the company's own process works smoothly and that the desired quality objectives were even achieved ahead of schedule. These results underline the universal applicability of the procedure.

The recently mined leaves are already said to be of a higher quality than those that came from the pilot plant. The reason for this is that the experiences and lessons learned from the pilot facility were successfully implemented in the South Carolina facility.

Reishi: MycoWorks' flagship product

Reishi, MycoWorks' exclusive flagship product, is one of the materials made from the leather alternative biomaterial Fine Mycelium™. It is revolutionizing the fashion industry by introducing a new class of materials as it is naturally breathable, flexible and soft. This combination allows designers to create sustainable clothing without having to compromise on design, performance or durability.

Reishi material

Source & Copyright by MycoWorks

MycoWorks' achievements in the production of Fine Mycelium™

The announced first harvest of Fine Mycelium™ marks a milestone for MycoWorks and the entire sustainable fashion industry. The delivery of 1000 sheets shows that the vision of an environmentally friendly and high-quality leather alternative has become reality. The absence of additional plastics in production not only underlines the purity of mycell leather, but also highlights its potential to replace conventional animal leather and plastic-based biomaterials alike, in which Reishi could play a central role.

Overall, MycoWorks' progress shows a promising perspective for a sustainable and high-quality future in the production of leather alternatives.


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