Sustainable Christmas gifts for employees

Christmas gifts for employees, but please be sustainable - here are the best ideas and inspiration

Christmas gifts for employees are sustainable

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Christmas time is the most special time of the year. With it we convey love, gratitude and warmth. In many companies, employees also give each other gifts as a sign of recognition and appreciation.

Sustainable employee Christmas gifts: Our top 10 ideas and inspiration

Sustainable gifts for employees make the other person smile and also send a message of responsibility and mindfulness. Find out here how you can make your employees happy while at the same time making a positive contribution to the environment.

1. Delicacies as sustainable gifts for employees:

Food is one of the classic Christmas gifts. In order to stay true to your values, you should still pay attention to the sustainability aspect.

Organic tea:

A timeless classic for sustainable Christmas gifts for employees is a high quality organic tea. In the cold season, a careful selection of these types of tea can transform the winter into a cozy and soothing break.

Paper & Tea Tea

Source & Copyright: Paper & Tea

Fair chocolate:

Chocolate also serves as a classic. But how about going a little beyond the usual horizon? Maybe something more unusual varieties that you don't necessarily find in everyday life?


Source & Copyright: Chocqlate


Organic spices:

What culinary preferences do your employees have? By being mindful and the right Organic spices by choosing your colleagues' favorite dishes, you can put a smile on their faces.

Rimoco spices

Source & Copyright: Rimoco

Mulled wine:

To make the Christmas season a little more cozy, you can use one Organic mulled wine to give employees a pleasant break at home.

Hot shepherd

Source & Copyright: Organic Weingut Schäfer


In order to be supplied with enough nutrients even in the winter months, we need healthy fats. A few nuts a day can significantly improve human health. Pay attention here on Organic quality nuts.

Nut mixture Jallal D'Or

Source & Copyright: jalall dór


A warming porridge for breakfast is just as nutritious. In the winter months you can also add Christmas spices such as cinnamon. Pay attention to the ingredients in Porrdiges in organic quality.

Effective Nature Porridge

Source & Copyright: Effective Nature

2. To-go containers as sustainable gifts for employees:

To the Zero waste concept in the company, refillable containers are suitable for employees.

To-go drinking bottles:

To ensure that employees are always supplied with enough water, you can use reusable Water bottles to give away. The Bottles of 24 Bottles can either gave away as a gift or have it printed with the company logo.

24 bottles bottle

Source & Copyright: 24 Bottles

Sustainable coffee cups:

In the cold season, warm drinks act as a daily companion. With a sustainable coffee mug you can give your colleagues a warm drink on the go.

HeyBico coffee mug

Source & Copyright: Heybico

Lunch boxes:

To avoid disposable bags from the bakery or greaseproof paper, suitable sustainable lunch boxes are a perfect alternative.

Eco bread box boxes

Source & Copyright: Eco Brotbox

3. Stationery as sustainable Christmas gifts

Stationery is also particularly popular among Christmas presents.


A pair of sustainable notepad is suitable for all employees who are not yet familiar with the digital notepad and still do not want to pollute the environment.

The paper shop

Source & Copyright: Die Papperie



To brighten up the working environment a little, you can also give away calendars for the next year to your employees. Either homemade with fond memories or bought. Now there are even Tear-off calendar, whose paper contains seeds. This means that no paper is wasted, but instead ends up underground and gives the employees joy again after a while.

Heylittlegreen seed paper calendar

Source & Copyright: heylittlegreen

4. Bags as sustainable gifts for employees:

Textiles are not just suitable for giving as gifts at Christmas. They are particularly highly regarded in the area of ​​promotional items.

Sustainable backpacks:

These are suitable for giving employees a particularly useful experience with sustainable backpacks, because everyone really needs it. There are now a few Brands for sustainable backpacks, including PinqPonq, which converts PET bottles into backpacks.

sustainable backpack PinqPonq

Source & Copyright: PinqPonq

Fair laptop bags: 

Also laptop bags will turn employees happy. You can also have them printed and turn them into a promotional gift.

Shirts Up Laptop Sleeve

Source & Copyright: Shirts Up

5. Seeds

Seeds are a particularly sustainable Christmas present. Even in the winter months you can plant seeds and enjoy the results a few months later.

Christmas tree to grow yourself:

Not every Christmas tree is sustainable. However, if you raise it yourself, you can spend Christmas under your own Christmas tree without a guilty thought.

Grow your own Christmas tree

Source & Copyright: Christmas Planner


Seeds also make a sustainable Christmas gift. There are vegetables or Salads, which can also thrive in the cold season.

Organic seeds

Source & Copyright: Flortus


Grow set: 

Of course there are whole sets too, which give employees several flowers at the same time. Plus, you don’t need any additional gardening supplies.

Grow set

Source & Copyright: Christmas Planner

4. Kitchen helpers as sustainable gifts for employees:

The Christmas season is also associated with culinary delights. Here you can provide employees with sustainable solutions for Kitchenware.

Cookie cutter:

Christmas time is cookie time. These are suitable for this sustainable cookie cutters, where the recipient has a nice souvenir of their work.

Ajaa cookie cutter

Source & Copyright: Ajaa

Beeswax wraps:

Beeswax towels are also very suitable as gifts. They are a sustainable alternative to cling film and will therefore definitely be used regularly.

Little Bee Fresh beeswax wraps

Source & Copyright: Little Bee Fresh

Christmas gifts for employees sustainably: give joy and inspiration

In today's business world, where environmental awareness and social responsibility are becoming increasingly important, sustainable Christmas gifts for employees are an inspiring decision. Because this gesture goes far beyond the simple tradition of giving: it underlines the commitment to the environment while at the same time strengthening interpersonal relationships.


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