Environmental awareness in the gaming world: Towards a CO2-neutral community?

Sustainability in the gaming world: Towards a CO2-neutral community?

Gaming sustainably

Author: House of Eden

  • Why gaming has an increased carbon footprint
  • Measures and projects in the industry for more sustainability
  • The role of the gaming community in sustainable transformation

The world of video games has a reputation for being colorful and energy-intensive. With 16 million gamers paying more attention to energy efficiency, a study by Game industry association shows a positive trend. The question remains: Can gaming be sustainable or even CO2 neutral?

Energy consumption is becoming the focus

Gaming computers are known for their high performance, which often comes at the expense of energy efficiency. But the study results indicate that both players and companies in the industry are acting more and more sustainably. 59 percent of those surveyed shut down their computer instead of leaving it in standby mode, and four in ten pay more attention to energy consumption than before.

Industry focuses on environmental protection

The games industry itself is also showing a green trend. 75 percent of the companies represented in the game association are involved in sustainability projects, from increasing efficiency in production to environmentally friendly packaging. Internationally, the industry is committed to greater sustainability, for example through the “Playing for the Planet Alliance”, which cooperates with the United Nations. Gamescom is also committed to sustainability and is setting an example with “Gamescom goes green” and the planting of the “Gamescom Forest”.

Is sustainable gaming possible?

Industry and community efforts suggest a shift in thinking is taking place. But is CO2-neutral gaming even possible? This question concerns not only gamers, but also the industry. Sustainability has become a central topic that is the focus of both the development of new games and major events such as Gamescom.

The movement towards more sustainability in gaming is not only due to the awareness of players and companies, but also to the recognized need to reduce environmental impact. Whether gaming can ultimately be sustainable or even CO2-neutral remains to be seen, but the first steps have been taken and developments are heading in the right direction.

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