Fairtrade | No pesticides | No importers

Atisan's designs are organic and minimalist to preserve their naturalness. Back to more appreciation and away from mass production. Atisan wants to show consumer-conscious people that sustainability and beautiful & modern interior design are not mutually exclusive.




Direct trade with producers steeped in tradition

The company sources products exclusively from countries rich in tradition. The founders go back to the countries of origin and get to know their partners personally. The deliberate avoidance of importers and wholesalers makes it possible to work transparently and fairly. The products come from certified Fairtrade companies or from small artisans in Ethiopia, Indonesia, Vietnam and Nepal.

Use of natural raw materials for holistic sustainability

atisan promotes the preservation of local craftsmanship and tradition that has been preserved over generations. Each product is handcrafted and unique. Only natural raw materials are used that do not require any pesticides or fertilizers. There is no plastic or chemical paint used at all. The wood comes from certified sustainable forestry. For example mango wood as a by-product of the mango harvest.

Minimalism as a sign of long-term appreciation

For the brand, the conscious and appreciative usage of beautiful things in life is in the foreground. By building traditional supply chains with natural materials, atisan offers a sustainable alternative to fast-moving mass production. Minimalistic and versatile design for a long-lasting use.

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