Alchemy | 100% natural | Beauty care with gold & silver

Julisis is a pioneer in the world of clean beauty. For more than 20 years, the brand has been revolutionizing the industry with its alchemical approach: effective formulas made from 100% non-toxic, natural and certified ingredients. These are hand-picked in Europe and carefully formulated to support the natural human biorhythm. In addition, the label uses the elemental power of precious metals: gold and silver unfold their effect in selected products to promote the health and beauty of the customers.




Clean Beauty: An investment in your own health

Beauty disruptor Julius Eulberg founded Julisis over 20 years ago. When the natural cosmetics industry was still viewed with disinterest or skepticism and clean beauty had no public or media impact. For the founder, however, it's not about serving trends. He equates organic beauty formulas with an investment in health, supports the natural biorhythm of his customers with the help of his products and uses his expertise to improve their quality of life. That's why all Julisis products are unisex: the ingredients harmonize every human skin type. Selected ingredients and gentle, alchemical processes bring the skin into balance, regardless of gender - this distinction is merely a marketing invention.

Holistic responsibility: ecological, ethical & social sustainability

The skincare brand does not use synthetic chemicals: all products are 100% organic and consist of natural and certified ingredients. With the exception of two products that contain wildflower honey, the formulas are vegan. 75% of the ingredients come from Julisis' own gardens, the rest from well-established European organizations. What they have in common: the value is traditionally added by hand in Europe. In line with a holistic approach, the packaging of the products is also 100% recyclable. In addition, the brand is also committed to the well-being of the planet beyond its own sphere of influence. She supports projects to clean up the seas, women's collectives in Africa and a foundation that takes care of the urgent needs - education, health and conservation - of African communities.

Alchemical excellence & precious ingredients: The recipe for success for healthy beauty care

Julisis produces according to strict alchemical protocols in its own laboratory, founded 140 years ago in the northern Italian Alps, and by renowned European manufacturers who are committed to the international standard for responsible practices in cosmetics. Here, derma experts enrich powerful medicinal herbs with liquid gold and silver. While precious metals are known in other industries for their material value, it is about something more here: their impact on health and beauty, which can have a positive effect on general well-being. The day products enriched with gold energize and protect, while the silver products detoxify, tone and regenerate overnight. In order to help customers based on their needs, Julisis also offers made-to-order for personalized face and body oils.

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