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202 EDITIONS stands for jewelry with recognition value and timeless design. Craftsmanship paired with ethical, social and ecological practices reflect the jewelry label's attitude. With this in mind, the brand creates its jewelry exclusively in limited editions or on-demand, following its own ecodesign guidelines.




202 EDITIONS creates limited pieces of jewelry made exclusively from recycled silver and gold as well as selected vintage gemstones. In order to show a responsible way of dealing with resources and fellow human beings in jewelry production, the goldsmith and designer duo Karin Heimberg and Maryvonne Wellen consistently implement their value-based corporate philosophy.

202 limited pieces of jewelry

The company creates jewelry in a limited edition of 202 pieces. In order to preserve the authenticity and value of the pieces, the jewelry label specifically focuses on small quantities. The jewelry pieces in the collection are made on-demand in our own studio in Düsseldorf. The decision to work with a specific edition and set a maximum number of pieces makes it possible to remain true to the high quality standards and to present a changing product range.

Craftsmanship and ecodesign guidelines

202 EDITIONS uses both traditional goldsmith techniques and modern production processes. As trained goldsmiths, the designers work specifically with the Ecodesign guidelines during the design phase in order to create a long-lasting piece of jewelry. The jewelry label does not use any type of coating, avoids industrial pre-products as much as possible and specifically develops its own design and craftsmanship solutions in order to keep the supply chain as short as possible.

Acting responsibly

The company works with partners and suppliers who can demonstrate the “Chain of Custody” certificate from the Responsible Jewelery Council (RJC) or with small, traditional (family) companies. The jewelry brand supports and promotes the development of a closed material cycle in the precious metals industry. This means for the label to become aware of its responsibility and to show people who are dependent on precious metal mining an alternative source of income.

For this purpose, 202 EDITIONS supports the “Earthbeat Foundation” with 1% of annual sales. The Dutch foundation “Mama Cash” is also supported, which supports women, girls and trans groups in the global south with financial resources, know-how and networking opportunities so that they can lead self-determined lives.

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