High & Fair Jewelery | Recycled Precious Metals | Handmade in Germany

STERNEFELD stands for timeless elegance: Flowing shapes, hand-picked materials and exclusive quality. As a goldsmith and certified diamond appraiser, founder Elina Sternefeld attaches great importance to the appreciation of traditional craftsmanship and the responsible use of precious raw materials. That is why she only uses recycled precious metals and conflict-free diamonds and gemstones in her sustainable production.



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At the interface of sustainability and craftsmanship excellence

The fine jewelery label translates the passion of its founder directly into quality. And the forward-looking mission to combine traditional craftsmanship and innovative thinking to help shape a contemporary jewelry industry. That's why STERNEFELD stands for handmade pieces of jewelry instead of mass-produced goods and local craftsmanship instead of cheap production abroad. The collection is made partly by Elina Sternefeld herself in her boutique workshop in Berlin, partly by trained goldsmiths from traditional companies in Pforzheim and Berlin. Due to this close network, the premium brand can offer an individual on-demand design service that enables customers to personalize the entire process of jewelry production. This is done with the help of 3D printing, so that pieces can be tried on before they are expensively produced.

Recycled precious metals: uncompromisingly ethical & high quality

STERNEFELD only uses recycled precious metals for its jewelry. Recycled gold offers a sustainable alternative because it recycles gold that has already been mined, thereby avoiding the need for new mining activities. This helps minimize the ecological impact of gold mining. Choosing jewelry made from recycled gold is therefore not only a statement of style and elegance, but also of a brighter future. Because of this commitment, STERNEFELD exclusively uses materials that are ethically and sustainably recycled and traded in Germany. And while guaranteeing the best material quality standards.

More than a status symbol: conflict-free diamonds as an expression of value, sophistication and elegance

STERNEFELD makes a clear, responsible statement for real diamonds: Fairly mined, conflict-free diamonds and gemstones. The label obtains this from a member of the Responsible Jewelery Council in order to guarantee ethical, social and ecological standards as well as compliance with human rights along the entire value chain. However, this is not the only seal of quality of the high jewelery brand: As a certified diamond appraiser, founder Elina Sternefeld examines every single diamond and takes every detail into account - whether it is an excellent cut or the best purity. The result: The creations are much more than valuable and individual pieces of jewellery. They have a symbolic function, evoking emotions and creating memories that connect generations.

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