Exclusive beauty care that vitalises, stimulates the senses and promotes well-being. These clean beauty products naturally make you beautiful.

ART de perfume
Art de perfum

100% cruelty-free, no genetic engineering, no nanoparticles


Award-winning anti-aging, only 7 ingredients, without fragrances and colorings

Epara cosmetics

Including cosmetics, African botanicals, ethical extraction

sustainable perfume
Mrs. Toni's perfume

Fragrance story, individual, unisex


Alchemy, 100% natural, beauty care with gold & silver

clean perfume
Laboratory perfumes

Vegan & Cruelty free, Local production in UK, Recycled packaging

les roots
Les Roots

Exclusive, creative, handmade

LIV Botanics
LIV Botanics

100% Lab Diamonds, Recycled Gold, Recycled Packaging

Zero Point Functional Fragrances
Zero Point Functional Fragrances

100% Organic, Wellbeing & Balance, Unisex


Sustainable cosmetics is the mega trend in terms of beauty care. And with good reason: substances that we let on our skin get directly into the body. The choice of natural clean beauty is not only environmentally friendly, but also good for your health. Here you will find an exclusive selection of vegan and clean cosmetics for beautiful and healthy skin.

Through technological innovation, our selection of sustainable beauty brands proves that chemicals, fragrances and dyes are not must-haves for care products. Firming, revitalizing and aesthetic effects can be achieved just as effectively - but more environmentally and health-friendly - through natural cosmetics. An example: The cultivation of a cell-renewing protein from natural barley - the anti-aging innovation. This shows that clean cosmetics and clean beauty are more than just trends. It is more about the future of the cosmetics industry.

Not only the selection, but also the added value of natural ingredients is important for clean cosmetics. In order to actually be environmentally friendly, sustainable beauty brands are notorious for the availability of resources and local production. Vegan cosmetics also prioritize animal welfare. You can find out which brands are pursuing holistic approaches like this here.

For the holistic nature of our clean beauty cosmos, we also show you certified labels for perfumes. These brands for sustainable cosmetics in the broadest sense also do without chemicals, fragrances and dyes, endangered raw materials and animal ingredients. These enchant all the senses and increase holistic wellbeing through their natural effect. Discover how beautiful sustainability can be!