Sustainable forestry | Free of metal | No wood scraps

The pine bed manufactory does not use metal and branches. The result: an incomparably healthy and restful sleep in the context of a modern design.





Natural raw materials for special enjoyment

For the modern design, Køje relies on a knot-free look with clear lines. The natural essential oils of the stone pine produce the special scent that is known to have a calming effect.

Sustainable forest management for surviving forests

The wood is sourced from the Austrian Alpine region, where it is also produced, for short transport distances. The wood comes from sustainable forestry: if wood is felled, wood is replanted. The wood is also processed as a whole. Branches and wood scraps are processed into other furniture and chips even into cushions or fabric bags.

Natural products

By means of the wooden plug-in connection, the pine bed is free of screws and metals. The Køje eliminates packaging waste during delivery: neither the bed, nor the mattress are wrapped in plastic, but come in duffel bags and wooden boxes. The beds are made from 100% untreated stone pine and are therefore natural and free of harmful substances.


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