Santiago Avenue

100% recycled silver | Made in Germany | Unisex

As the statement jewelry brand, Avenida Santiago embraces both environmental and social responsibility. All pieces of jewelery are made from 100% recycled silver according to the RJC standard in order to make a clear statement against the abuses of silver mining. In addition, they are manufactured in accordance with ethical standards and in an environmentally friendly manner in Germany. The company stands for pure design aesthetics that combine joie de vivre with responsible practices.


Santiago Avenue
Santiago Avenue

Avenida Santiago - SUSTAINABILITY

Slow Jewelry for several generations

As a brand for slow jewelry, Avenida Santiago makes a clear statement against society's throwaway mentality. In order to strengthen social awareness of the problem, she provides incentives to find a solution: every piece of jewelery has a lifetime guarantee for free repairs. Since silver is one of the oldest and most robust precious metals anyway, the high quality, durability and timeless design of the pieces ensure that they can be passed on from generation to generation. And ultimately ensure trend-setting, sustainable consumer behavior and mindset.

Recycle silver instead of critical mining

The traditional mining of precious metals such as silver results in drastic environmental damage and reproduces social injustice. Silver is also a scarce resource. To address these issues, Avenida Santiago only uses recycled silver, which is both chemically and physically identical to mined silver. This is obtained in an energy-efficient, safe and transparent manner in order to protect resources and ecosystems and to avoid inhumane working conditions.

Holistically responsible

Each piece of jewelry is created in complex, professional manual work in Germany. Their cases are made of cotton that comes from controlled organic cultivation and is completely free of elastane, so that microplastics are never released. The labels on the cases are also made from pure cotton by a German family business and finally sewn by a regional sewing workshop. To round off this responsible approach, all orders are shipped carbon neutral in plastic-free packaging.

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