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The brand fights against the throw-away mentality in fashion and therefore avoids 100% the use of new raw materials. With a zero waste design approach, innovative and recycled materials are used instead. Made by real artists in East London with years of experience maintaining the craft of the last few bag makers.


Sustainable bag
sustainable bag


Innovative and certified materials

The brand fights against the throwaway mentality in fashion and therefore uses 100% recycled fabrics. The recycled innovative materials range from leather scraps, recycled polyester, regenerated nylon, recycled cotton to vegan pineapple and apple leather. These are PETA-approved and Global Recycling Standard certified, which prevents the use of harmful chemicals. Even work uniforms are being processed and recycled to create the bags.

The design approach is zero waste

The design is created with functionality and durability in mind, in order to withstand short-lived trends. The design process begins with the question of what happens to the bags at the end of their lifecycle. The company therefore offers repairs to its customers and ensures that the individual components can be fully recycled.

87% less CO2 emissions

All products are produced locally in East London. Made by real artists with years of experience, to keep alive the craft of the last London bag makers. According to the LCA analysis, Been London bags produce an average of 87% less CO2 emissions than conventional bags. Last but not least, the company supports the reforestation of the Amazon through a partnership with the NGO Tree Nation. A tree is planted for every bag purchased.

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