Inclusive cosmetics | African botanicals | Ethical sourcing

The search for skin care products that address the skin problems of women of color, led founder Ozohu Adoh to launch a new cosmetics brand with a focus on inclusion. The scientifically developed formulations use the antioxidant and caring properties of African botanicals, with an emphasis on hyperpigmentation and hydration.


Epara komsetik
Epara cosmetics


Natural ingredients and ethical sourcing

The natural and organic ingredients are derived from the soils of Africa. Epara guarantees ethical and fair working conditions in cooperation with farmers and co-ops across Africa - from Nigeria over Kenya and Ghana, to Egypt and Morocco.

Inclusion and individual products

The vision of the founder of the inclusive brand, with Nigerian roots and Oxford University graduate, is to cater an underserved market with suitable and effective products. Scientifically developed and clinically tested formulations therefore combat the skin care problems women of color. A personal consultation and recommended individual skin rituals further help to choose the right products.

Cruelty-free and recyclable

All products are cruelty-free and are not tested on animals. All ingredients are openly shown at the website. The packaging is also completely recyclable, with the outer packaging being handcrafted.

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