Vegan & Cruelty free | Local production in UK | Recycled packaging

At Laboratory Perfumes, fragrance production is a mixture of innovation and tradition. Each of the five eau de toilette is created from flowers, natural oils and herbs. The fragrances are vegan and locally as well as under socially fair conditions produced in Great Britain.



Individual fragrance like in nature

Each fragrance has been formulated in such a way, that it only develops its full effect when it interacts with the skin. Their scent is therefore unique, depending on who is wearing them, whereby their note changes over the course of the day - just like it does for flowers. They are free of preservatives, additives and unsustainable substances.

Natural ingredients

Founder Aaron Firth does not come from the traditional perfume industry, but has taken a rather unconventional path. When creating fragrances, he returns to the essentials: natural ingredients inspired by aromatic botanicals from his home country Great Britain. Here, ingredients without animal origin are used in the manufacture of the perfumes and are therefore vegan. In addition, with one exception, paraffin wax is used for the scented candles.

Environmentally conscious across the board

At Laboratory Parfums, we pay attention to an environmentally friendly and transparent supply chain. For this reason, it is small, manageable and, like the production itself, is exclusively located in the UK. In addition, the packaging material mainly consists of recycled and sustainably sourced resources.

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