LIV Botanics

New Luxury Skincare | Vegan | Free from microplastics

LIV Botanics offers organic, New Luxury Skincare - skin care in line with modern demands for sustainability. The ingredients are not only organic, but also as unprocessed as possible so that they can develop their optimal effectiveness. The entire range is also free of microplastics, the majority of which are free of water. Packaging and shipping are also sustainable. To round off this holistic approach, the Dutch brand gives back: LIV Botanics donates 1% of its sales annually directly to 1% For The Planet.


Liv Botanics
Liv Botanics


Plant-based ingredients: Sustainable, circular & ethical

LIV Botanics skincare stands for more than just beautiful skin: result-oriented, proven effectiveness and sustainability in every detail. All products are vegan and consist of 100% powerful, organically grown ingredients. These are full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants and are untreated - i.e. not heated, colored or deodorised - so that all active ingredients remain intact and can develop their effect. In addition to sustainability, the brand also pays attention to ethical procurement and organic certification when it comes to its ingredients and therefore also uses by-products from the food and juice industry. The goal: avoiding waste to contribute to the transition to a circular beauty industry.

0% toxic, 100% effective

The herbal ingredients each mimic the effectiveness of synthetic - often toxic - alternatives. For example, all products contain camellia seed oil, which has powerful skin-rejuvenating and moisturizing properties. In addition, LIV Botanics dispenses with water for a large part of the range and microplastics for the entire range in order to protect both skin health and the environment. This commitment is also reflected in the obligation to donate 1% of sales directly to the environmental protection organization 1% For The Planet every year. The Dutch Beauty Awards 2023 recognized LIV Botanics' holistic commitment in the category "Beauty Products Exclusive Green" for the best products of the year.

Sustainability down to the last detail

LIV Botanics thinks sustainability beyond the development of its skin care and acts holistically. All formulas are packed in glass and in an exclusively designed paper box with Dutch elephant grass. A plant with an enormously high CO2 reduction potential: it can bind more than four times as many greenhouse gases as a forest with trees. In order to be non-toxic and vegan, the packaging is printed with vegetable ink in a sustainable print shop. And the shipping boxes, stickers, and tissue paper inside the packages are also eco-friendly - even the tape is fully compostable.

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