Maren Jewellery

Recycled Precious Metals | Synthetic Diamonds | Certified B Corporation

Valuable jewelery in harmony with nature: Maren Jewelery only uses recycled gold, recycled silver and synthetic eco-diamonds. In addition, the climate-neutral label consistently thinks holistically, which is why it also integrates social sustainability into its corporate philosophy. It was the first German jewelry label to be awarded the B Corp certificate. In short: founder and designer Helge Maren Hauptmann sets new standards for mindfulness and environmental protection in the jewelery cosmos and combines them with noble, timeless design.



Maren Jewellery
Maren Jewellery


Innovation drives sustainability in the jewelry industry

All pieces of jewelry are only made to order in Germany from pure recycled precious metals, the origin of which can be shown transparently. In this way, the label minimizes its energy expenditure and avoids unethical working conditions, while guaranteeing a traceable supply chain and fair wages. And the use of synthetic Lab diamonds also prevents the reproduction of defects without physical or chemical losses compared to their natural models. Sustainable packaging made of paper and hand-woven linen round off the uncompromisingly sustainable (material) approach.

Commitment to climate neutrality and fairness

The pure pieces of jewelery are not gold-plated and are therefore fully recyclable. In this way, the label is striving to achieve its goal of achieving a circular economy for real jewelry in the long term. In addition to this project, Maren Jewelery is climate neutral and offsets 100 kilograms of CO2 for each piece of jewelery that is produced. However, not only more sustainability is promoted, but also fairness: 3% of the annual turnover goes to the Earthbeat Foundation to support the legal, safe and environmentally friendly use of gold.

Sustainability with distinction and obligation

Transparent action and compliance with the highest ethical and sustainable standards along the supply chain are underlined by the RJC certificate and the B Corp certificate. The label was also recognized as the best sustainable startup at the Green Product Award and for Excellent Product Design - Eco Design at the German Design Award 2022. This title honors the "Wilderness" collection - one of seven timeless collections that stand for the love of nature - whether sea, universe or flora.

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