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Elegant handbags made from premium fabric scraps, sourced from European interior designers. Designed in Berlin and handcrafted in Istanbul. The young brand stands for longevity and uniqueness and offers bags in a variety of patterns with a unique look against the mainstream mentality.


Sustainable bag
Sustainable bag


Exclusive handbags with premium fabric scraps

Creative handbags made from scraps of fabric provided by European interior designers. Designed in Berlin, the bags are handcrafted under fair working conditions in Istanbul. The young brand stands for longevity, uniqueness and wearability. Contrary to the mainstream trend the diverse patterns adapt to everyday wardrobe.

Limited editions

To promote exclusivity, each bag is unique with an edition of just one or two pieces. Own fabric scraps can be send it, from which individual handbags will be created for the customers, the so called Nica Girls.

Mission at Heart

Inspired by traveling with their mother, who worked in the fashion industry, the two sisters founded the young brand. Her great role model was diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia at the age of 45. A disease with an average life expectancy of 8-9 years with no treatment. Therefore, the sisters support research and support families in need who are affected by this disease.

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