Upcycled rugs | Design ethics | Timeless craftsmanship

With these unique designs, sustainable interior products are taken into modern homes. The innovative upcycling rugs from Nomad Studio are redefining the image of recycling and upcycling in the furnishing industry. The brand creates rugs made from recycled candy paper and natural wool. Design products with a special feel and unique appearance.


Nomad Studio
Nomad Studio


Nomad rugs are high-quality and high end design

The Nomad rugs are created in a close and honest partnership with Indian weavers. Natural and recycled materials are combined with local craftsmanship. By this way, families in India are encouraged and supported. Every rug has its own imperfection and story - for the owner an emotional interior piece.

Upcycling can be tasteful and desirable

Nomad's goal is to make upcycling tasteful. For this purpose, natural new wool is combined with innovative upcycling material. For the three carpet models, for example, recycled candy paper (Candy Wrapper Rug), used bicycle tubes (Rubber Rug) or fringes made from PET bottles (Coco Rug) are used. Less is produced, but good - in this sense, products are only commissioned after they have been ordered. The high-quality materials and timeless design characterize the products with a special feel that has existed for generations.

Award-winning founder defines ethics as an attitude

The goal of Nomad Studio is to create design-relevant products from neglected waste. The award winning founder, Jutta Werner, has dedicated herself to the topic of upcycling in high-end design and thus stands for meaningful and durable design. Following this, the Nomad rug has also won the German Design Award.

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