Certified ELS cotton | Green wind power | Charity

Simple and elegant design made from certified cotton. With its luxurious, sustainable bed linen, Rise & Fall shows that comfort, design as well as environmental and health protection can go hand in hand.


rise and fall
rise and fall


Without chemicals and with certified raw materials

Rise & Fall offers bed linen made from certified extra long staple (ELS) cotton. It is a high quality and staple length fiber. It only accounts for 0,5% of the world's cotton stocks, is more resistant, particularly soft and shiny. The design of Rise & Fall is fine and simple. The Crisp & Cool collection is also made of organic cotton, using only dyes and chemicals that meet the GOTS and Keko-Tex standards. Thus, production as well as use are demonstrably harmless. In the holistic sense, the packaging is also plastic-free and therefore environmentally friendly.

Direct collaboration with producers

No middlemen are used at Rise & Fall, they work directly with a selected partner in India. The partner factory in India produces exclusively with green wind energy and recycles 99% of the rainwater used. There fair wages are guaranteed and employees and their families are encouraged to take part in further training measures.

More than just bed linen

Furthermore, Rise & Fall is committed to charity: 3 pounds of every quilt sold goes to the largest homeless charity in the UK (Centrepoint).


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