Sustainable leather | Individual look | Partner Linda Foundation

The Studio Gyzell bag collection developed during the personal search of the founder Aniko Kossen-Varga for the perfectly stylish and ethical bag. As an environmental health expert, she wanted to fulfill society's desire for sustainability with something joyful. The decision fell on a handbag, because she is the perfect accessory for the modern woman.


studio gyzell
studio gyzell


The colored and patterned overlays can easily be replaced. Developed according to the holistic sustainability philosophy, the designer bags are handcrafted in Europe using carefully selected sustainable materials and aim to be passed on to the next generation.

The leather is obtained through upcycling processes from the food industry and from a sustainable Italian tannery with a focus on tradition and research. The inner lining is also made of the sustainable cellulose material Tencel and the zipper is made of recycled PET. Using different Activities, such as Afforestation and renewable energies, the CO2 emission will also be reduced. In addition, the company is a partner of the Dutch Linda Foundation "Minder voor Kinderen", which is campaigning for poverty reduction together with Unicef. Studio Gyzell thus combines tradition and change.