Berlin brutal | Designer piece | Recycled material

The X-Chair is a radical design by Hermann August Weizenegger for the collection of objects of our day (OUT). A designer chair sets new standards in terms of sustainable design. Entirely made from recycled material, produced locally and with a return program for return to the production cycle. Berlin brutal with reference to the present - for a self-determined generation.


sustainable design X chair
X chair sustainable design


Cradle-to-cradle sustainability concept

The X-Chair by OUT is made from 100% recycled polypropylene. The sustainability concept goes even further: in line with the “cradle-to-cradle” approach, end users can return the chair years later. It is then processed into granules and goes back into the production cycle.

A statement for inside and outside

The design is multifunctional and can therefore be used both outdoors and in private households. The matt black is supposed to be reminiscent of strong concrete and thus models the light. According to the designer Hermann August Weizenegger, chairs have a high cultural value in society and are therefore a good carrier to serve as a symbol for sustainable and regional production.

Responsible design

Local production in a medium-sized family business 80 km from Berlin is a matter close to the heart for objects of our day. It is part of OUT's worldview to create serial objects that are produced regionally and fairly.

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