Zero Point Functional Fragrances

100% Organic | Wellbeing & Balance | Unisex

Nullpunkt only uses 100% natural and vegan ingredients for its unisex fragrances. As a holistically oriented wellbeing brand, the focus is primarily on their functionality: they should bring balance to the increasingly complex and fast-paced everyday life. Each fragrance is carefully designed and contains ingredients with different beneficial effects that respond to different needs and states of mind.



Zero Point Functional Fragrances
Zero Point Functional Fragrances

Nullpunkt Functional Fragrances - SUSTAINABILITY

Functional fragrances for more balance & mindfulness

Due to the disruptive onset of the pandemic and its impact on physical and mental health, the brand strives for balance between body and mind. Inspired by the neuroscientific finding that scents directly affect the brain and thus mood, the fragrances offer a way to regulate imbalances according to need. As an efficient tool for more mindfulness, they create a state of calm.

Natural ingredients with added value for the environment and the psyche

In order to combine the vision of aromatherapy with the sensuality of conventional perfumes, the brand works with a perfumer who was classically trained in Paris. The result: Four 100% natural, vegan and alcohol-free fragrances based on the composition of essential oils. These are developed in Hamburg and Berlin and sourced from a small boutique manufacturer in Grasse. All raw materials are selected according to our own quality standards and in relation to their psychological effects and resource conservation. NATRUE and Vegan Society certification underscore these commitments.

Everyday helper against imbalance

Since the fragrances are not based on gender but on needs, Nullpunkt only offers unisex fragrances. To be precise, 4 different scents. These are intended to provide Relieve (relieving anxiety symptoms), Release (reducing stress), Refocus (reducing distraction) or Refuel (building up energy). In order to efficiently fulfill their role in everyday life, they are available in practical roll-on bottles, so that they can be applied easily and selectively in moments of imbalance.

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