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Furniture for a good cause: that's what Wehlers Design wants to achieve with furniture made from recycled materials. With its RUM chair, the company wins the Iconic Award 2021: Innovative Interior.

Wehler's design

Design Story


 CF Møller Design

Winner product

a chair R.U.M

Design feature

Modern, filigree, contemporary


  • The RUM chair consists of only two materials: recycled fishing nets and recycled steel
  • A dedicated ECO system helps to reuse all materials and to maintain the material quality
  • Wehlers is a B-Corp-certified furniture brand and thus meets strict sustainability requirements
  • Recycling plastic materials are made solely using ocean plastic

Wehler's design

Brand philosophy

Wehlers stands for Scandinavian minimalism

The company designs its products true to the motto: They don’t think the world needs more designed furniture – however, there need to be more options for conscious consumption. In addition, Wehlers follows the Danish design tradition, in which honesty is seen in the material, and form is defined from Scandinavian minimalism and function.

R.U.M Chair - Short for re-used-materials, the name says it all

With its R.U.M (Re-Used Materials) series, the company is presenting a chair that is made from 100% ocean plastic and recycled steel. The design is characterized by Scandinavian minimalism - unique and young, contemporary design perfect for co-working and home office.